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Employee Directory

Finding people, departments, and services is important. The directory used here is a basic listing of full time employees until the college's new computer records system is fully implemented in Spring 2016.

Last Name First Name Position Office Phone
Anders Stacy Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-415-2576
Anders Michael Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8683
Anderson Vicki Business and Accounting Professor 903-415-2617
Backest Chance Welding Professor 903-463-8657
Bailey Melissa Vocational Nursing Professor, South Campus 903-415-2551
Barber Dwayne Career Services Chair/Professor 903-463-8703
Barnett Celena Information Technology Specialist 903-415-2660
Bays Tanya Accompanist/Music Professor 903-463-8728
Barnes Joanna Dean of Health Science 903-463-8688
Black Steve Fine Arts Professor 903-463-8662
Blackburn Becky Cosmetology Professor 903-415-2590
Blankenship Brad Director of Police Academy 903-463-8711
Boren Debra Director of Drafting 903-463-8741
Bowen Kelli Vocational Nursing Professor, South Campus 903-415-2512
Bowers Jerry Adult Education and Distance Education 903-415-2574
Brandhorst Andi Adult Education English Language Learners Teacher 903-463-8784
Bridges Robin Maintenance Custodial Supervisor 903-415-2559
Brauer Kassy AEL Teacher 903-463-8723
Brown Giles Vice President of Business Services 903-463-8620
Brown Sherry EMS Professor/Examiner 903-463-8785
Brown Ronnie Maintenance Groundskeeper 903-463-8640
Brown Darlene Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Business Services 903-463-8742
Brown Mike Director of Network Services 903-463-8772
Bryant Joanna Culinary Arts Chef Professor 903-463-8654
Burt Michelle Math Hub Coordinator 903-463-8776
Burton Jean Financial Aid Receptionist Advisor 903-463-8642
Campbell Karen English Professor 903-463-8639
Carrasco Mo Campus Police Officer 903-415-2644
Cavender Paula Director of Dual Credit and College Connections 903-415-2530
Cawthon Dee Small Business Development Center Advisor 903-415-2533
Cazzelle Danny Director of Facilities Maintenance 903-463-8638
Cheek Billye Mathematics Professor 903-415-2543
Clement Courtney Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-415-2564
Connor Kathleen College Credit for Heroes Project Coordinator 903-415-2606
Cooke Sherry Sociology Professor 903-415-2540
Corder Kate Director of Continuing Education 903-463-8750
Counts Shawn Assistant Baseball Coach 903-463-8645
Cox Michael Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8649
Cross Jacqueline Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-415-2627
Cross Jacqueline Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8683
Crow Crystal Science Laboratory Coordinator 903-463-8629
Crow Daniel Assistant Network Director 903-415-2626
Curtis Pamela Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8643
Dalton Derek Web Administrator 903-415-2638
Danner Alisha Financial Aid Receptionist 903-415-2567
Davis Richard English Professor 903-415-2502
Davis Steve Dean of Workforce Education 903-463-8685
Deutsch Leon Dean of Teaching and Learning 903-415-2598
Dick John Computer Maintenance and Networking Professor/Director 903-463-8670
Dill Michael Microbiology & Biology Professor/Chair 903-463-8635
Driscoll Fran Executive Assistant to the Dean of Workforce Education 903-463-8771
Dryden Ellen South Campus Receptionist/LVN Program Assistant 903-415-2500
Eagleton Shawn Mathematics & Engineering Professor 903-463-8746
Ellason Linda Part Time Resource Development Donor & Alumni Records Specialist 903-415-2594
Ellis Tommy Veterans Student Success Center Project Coordinator 903-415-2632
Escamilla Rondie Associate Degree Nursing Coordinator 903-463-8791
Ellis Judy Administrative Assistant to the Director of Public Safety Services 903-463-8777
Evans Amy Director of Marketing and Public Information 903-463-8628
Fair Lisa Director of Vocational Nursing Program 903-415-2508
Fair Brandy Fine Arts & Humanities Chair/Professor 903-463-8734
Fanning Carla Psychology Professor/Ombudsman/Chair 903-415-2555
Fillner Jennifer Information Technology Specialist 903-415-2591
Fine Teresa Contract Training Coordinator 903-463-8786
Flores Michelle Financial Aid Counselor 903-463-8783
Ford Dayna Developmental Math Professor/Faculty Lead QEP 903-415-2622
Forrester Djuna Executive Director Center for Workplace Learning 903-463-8759
Foster David Economics Professor 903-463-8606
Gallagher Bernie Philosophy Professor 903-463-8798
Fry Susie Director/Professor of the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling Program 903-463-8611
Girard Dusty Geology & Geography Professor 903-415-2595
Gonzalez Jessica Student Account Specialist 903-463-8718
Goodman Caleb Transcript Analyst 903-463-8727
Gravette Megan CWL Grant Specialist 903-415-2521
Greenway Shirley Associate Degree Nursing Coordinator 903-463-8765
Gordon Amanda Coordinator of Special Services / LPC -I Counselor 903-463-8694
Graves Wade Business and Computer Technology Professor 903-463-8658
Greenwood Craig Veterans Benefits Advisor 903-415-2614
Gronemeier Bill Collision Repair Technology Professor 903-463-8715
Hall Brett Academic Studies/Student Life Program Assistant 903-415-2610
Halley Jeff PC/LAN Computer Systems Support Technician 903-463-8769
Hamilton Matt History Professor 903-415-2621
Hamilton Audrey Academic Studies Division Program Assistant 903-463-8797
Hance Tonya Dental Assisting Professor 903-463-8780
Haratyk Frances E-Learning Specialist 903-463-8788
Harris Molly Assistant to the President 903-463-8700
Hart Dustin Baseball Head Coach 903-463-8719
Harvey Keri Education & Child Development/ Professor/ Chair of Business & Technology 903-415-2556
Hebert Nan Title IV and Grants Accountant 903-463-8602
Hebert Lisa Director of Library 903-463-8651
Hermanson Page Records Specialist 903-415-2546
Hicks Anna Director of Career Pathways and Initiatives 903-463-8669
Hill Jennifer Business and Computer Technology Program Assistant 903-415-2520
Hix Chris Health Science Program Assistant II 903-463-8782
Hobbs Janna Associate Degree Nursing Clinical Teaching Assistant 903-415-2568
Homuth Tommi Jobs Act Grant  Coordinator 903-463-8681
Holt Susan Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8752
Hoover Lori Associate Degree Nursing Program Coordinator 903-415-2534
Hoover Janet Human Resources Coordinator 903-463-8625
Horne Bill Math Professor
Howell Amanda Financial Aid Assistant Database Administrator 903-463-8760
Huerta Bernardo Maintenance Custodian 903-463-8640
Huerta Maria Maintenance Custodian 903-463-8640
Hull Ross T.V. Munson Memorial Vineyardist 903-415-2538
Hummert Lauren CWL Enrollment Specialist 903-463-8731
Huff Gretchen Job Placement Specialist/Academic Advisor 903-415-2544
Hutchings Melynda Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8678
Hyatt Danny Director of Fiscal Services 903-463-8622
Jackson Robbie Director/Professor of Radiologic Technology 903-463-8676
Jackson Alan Medical Laboratory Technology Professor 903-463-8779
Jeffcoats Helen Secretary to the Director of the Small Business Development Center 903-463-8787
Johnson Dorothee Coordinator of Planning, Research, Assessment and Accreditation 903-415-2625
Johnson Jane Mathematics Professor 903-463-8668
Johnson Jim Computer Science Professor 903-463-8671
Johnson Hodge Jeffri Coordinator of Tutoring and Disability Services 903-463-8751
Johnson-Carr Jane Chemistry Professor (906) 463-8668
Jones Brooke Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8680
Jones Lisa Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-415-2554
Kanaan Donna Maintenance Custodian 903-463-8640
Keck Michael Biology Professor 903-463-8617
Keitz Vickie Developmental Studies Computer Lab Manager 903-463-8610
Kelly Sara Financial Aid Intake Advisor 903-415-2602
Kermanian Dana Learning Frameworks Professor 903-415-2536
Khalaf Marina Academic Success Center Coordinator, South Campus 903-415-2509
King Donna Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs 903-463-8735
Klemiuk Christy Director of Admissions/Registrar 903-463-8650
Krieger Jana CWL Department Assistant 903-415-2525
Lashley Laura Accounts Receivable Specialist 903-415-2571
Leslie, Jr. Charles African American Initiative Coordinator 903-415-2532
Linder Mary Government Professor/ Faculty Association President 903-463-8616
Lippe Lisa Academic Advisor 903-415-2531
Luthe Nancy Student Services Assistant 903-463-8699
Lynn Rick Geology Professor 903-463-8656
Machen Chase Dean of Academic Studies 903-463-8608
MacPherson Andrew Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management 903-463-8768
Malone Barbara Director of Counseling Services 903-463-8730
Maranon de Garcia Mary Maintenance Custodian 903-463-8740
Marroquin Rhonda Enrollment Advisor - Hispanic Initiative 903-415-2611
Masters Greg Adult Education Site Manager and Financial Coordinator 903-463-8784
Matherly Kellie English Professor 903-415-2539
Matthews Tenna Drama Professor 903-463-8647
Mattingly Ricky Maintenance Technician 903-463-8740
Maxwell Logan Math Professor/ Chair  903-415-2646
McBee Jake Learning Frameworks Professor 903-463-8648
McAdams Alan Welding Professor/Director 903-415-2528
McBrayer Mike Director of Athletics/Women's Head Softball Coach 903-463-8753
McClenny Brad International Student Advisor 903-463-8749
McGuire Venus Bookstore 903-463-8698
McGill Kenann Career Services Program Assistant 903-463-8710
McKelva Mary Yetta Spanish Professor/Chair of Literature and Language 903-463-8623
McKinney Jamie Associate Degree Nursing Program Director 903-463-8687
McKinney Ryan Physics Professor 903-463-8725
McLain Charlotte Director of Cosmetology 903-415-2588
McLean, Jr. Al Maintenance Custodian 903-463-8740
McMillen Jeremy Grayson College President 903-463-8600
McMinn Becky Residence Hall Supervisor 903-818-5280
Mercer Sherre Mathematics Professor 903-463-8720
Metcalf Jean Coordinator of Special Services / LPC -I Counselor 903-415-2531
Metcalf Sandi Office & Computer Technology Professor 903-463-8738
Miles Gregg Director of Student Life & Housing  903-463-8693
Miller Jason Assistant Softball Coach 903-463-8645
Moore Carleen Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8686
Matt Morris Education Professor 903-463-8701
Morrow Susan Mathematics Professor 903-463-8659
Myers Ryan Biology Professor 903-415-2584
Newman Audrey Financial Aid Advisor & Office Manager 903-415-2515
Newton Brianne Medical Lab Technology Professor/Director 903-463-8684
O'Bryan Eric Adult Education English Language Learners Teacher 903-463-8723
Nystrom Nancy Adult Education Program Data Coordinator 903-415-2524
Open Maintenance Technician 903-415-2561
Open Director of Annual Giving 903-463-8716
Open General Maintenance Technician 903-463-8740
Open Assistant Director of Fiscal Services 903-463-8761
Organ Regina Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs 903-463-8714
Pace Linda Office & Computer Technology Professor 903-463-8737
Paikowski Gary Vice President of Information Technology 903-463-8707
Parsons Patrice Biotechnology/Biology Professor 903-415-2557
Pearson Meghan Records Specialist 903-415-2643
Perez Cindy Executive Assistant to the Exec Dir of Resource/Community Development 903-463-8621
Peters Dinah Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8763
Polk Pamela Director of Student Support Services Program 903-463-8689
Pittman Ellis Maintenance Grounds 903-463-8640
Polk Pamela Director of Student Support Services Program 903-463-8689
Pope Stacie Facilities Coordinator 903-463-8640
Popplewell James Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Director 903-463-8713
Poteet Brandon Emergency Medical Services Professor 903-463-8677
Powell Monsita Cosmetology Professor 903-415-2589
Quong Jennifer Education & Child Development Professor 903-415-2580
Radcliff Diane Great West Dining 903-463-8632
Rains Tracy Admissions and Records Specialist 903-463-8733
Ray Val Academic Advisor 903-415-2613
Reese Marlina Veterans Benefits Advisor 903-463-8692
Reeves Marie Vocational Nursing Professor, South Campus 903-415-2527
Renfro Wendy Director of Dental Assisting 903-415-2529
Richardson Marty Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8767
Ross Brooke Enrollment Advisor 903-463-8603
Ringler Sondra Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8782
Roy, Jr. Doyle Welding Professor 903-415-2552
Saavedra, Jr. Lorenzo Police Officer 903-415-2542
Sanders Salena Coordinator of Radiologic Clinical 903-463-8636
Schroeder Rachel Library Information Technician 903-463-8637
Scoggins James Media Technology Specialist 903-415-2535
Scott Jeff Assistant Registrar 903-463-8743
Sexton Debra Academic Studies Division Program Assistant 903-463-8797
Sims Shirley Accounts Payable Specialist 903-463-8601
Skjolsvik Vonda Associate Degree Nursing Clinical Teaching Assistant 903-463-8643
Smarr Debbie Dean of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness 903-415-2592
Snyder Andrew Director/Professor of Viticulture/Enology Program 903-786-2393
Sorensen Jean English Professor 903-463-8660
Spratt Shawn Maintenance Custodian 903-463-8640
Stidham Karen Executive Director of the Small Business Development Center 903-463-8789
Stone Elise Personnel Services 903-463-8770
Stone Robert Grounds Maintenance Crew Leader 903-463-8679
Sumrall Rachel Psychology Professor 903-463-8630
Taylor Dana Director of Human Resources 903-415-2624
Taylor Richard Science Laboratory Coordinator 903-463-8605
Taylor Mark Director of Testing Center 903-463-8724
Taylor Cynthia Executive Assistant to the VP for Academic & Student Affairs 903-463-8793
Tercero David Music Professor 903-463-8728
Thomas Aaron Computer Support Technician 903-463-8618
Thompson Stella Developmental Reading and Writing Professor 903-463-8697
Thompson Virginia Psychology Professor 903-463-8721
Thompson Debra Emergency Medical Services Professor 903-463-8748
Thompson Jordan Financial Aid Counselor 903-415-2545
Thompson Janis Grant Writer Development Specialist 903-463-8766
Ticknor Casey Senior Database Administrator 903-463-8775
Ticknor Penny Business Office 903-463-8761
Trapp Alison Director of Drama & Theatre 903-463-8609
Trevino Marlea English Professor 903-415-2585
Tredway Veronica Maintenance Custodian 903-463-8640
Truxal Randy Executive Director for Grayson College Foundation 903-463-8717
Velten Ron Social Science Professor 903-463-8755
Vickrey Raylene Payroll Specialist 903-463-8726
Villarreal Lupe Maintenance Custodian 903-463-8740
Walkup Karin Vocational Nursing Professor, South Campus 903-415-2513
Wall Lorinda Health Science Learning Skills Lab Coordinator 903-463-8672
Ward Traci Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-463-8682
Washburn Dava Associate Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs 903-463-8634
Washer, Jr. Mike Certified Maintenance Technician - HVAC 903-463-8740
Weart Brad Biology Professor 903-463-8667
Weatherly Rusty Director of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program 903-415-2583
Weber Kim Executive Assistant to the Dean of South Campus 903-415-2503
Weger Jeff General Maintenance Technician - Plumber 903-463-8640
Weidner Bill Electrician Program Director/Professor 903-415-2641
Weiser Dottie Admissions and Records Specialist 903-415-2522
White Deena Computer Science Professor 903-463-8664
Wilder Clayton Police Officer 903-463-8777
Williams Kim Dean of South Campus 903-415-2506
Williams Laurie Sciences & Engineering/Professor 903-463-8702
Williams Jeanne Coordinator of Admissions and State Reporting 903-463-8732
Wright Shelly Associate Degree Nursing Professor 903-415-2553