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Native Language:
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Country of Citizenship:
Do you have a Visa?
If yes, type of Visa:
Expiration Date of Passport:
High School / Secondary School Attended:
TOEFL and/or IELTS score (optional for IEP students):
Month and Year of Graduation:  
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Are you on academic or disciplinary suspension from your previous college or language school?
  List in order of Attendance all Colleges inside or outside of the United States, and the dates of attendance at each.
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Who should we contact if there is ever an emergency when you are at Grayson?
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I understand I must submit the following:
  1. Application
  2. Application fee of $100
  3. Official high school transcript (must be translated to English)
  4. Any additional transcripts
  5. TOEFL scores (if not attending IEP)
  6. Copy of passport and visa
  7. An affidavit of financial support (form included in this letter) with an attached original bank statement or a bank letter that is no more than three months old reflecting a balance of $12,500 U.S.
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