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Program Assessment: Academic

Academic Studies Educational Programs

Academic Studies is made up of fine arts, literature and languages, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, physical education, and developmental studies. Objectives of the division include developing in students an appreciation of the creative process, the ability to think critically, the ability to communicate effectively, a desire for lifelong learning, and a humanitarian passion for truth and reason.

Courses offered in the division are designed primarily for transfer. Many courses such as art, music, language, philosophy, humanities, theatre, and a variety of workshops serve a dual purpose. They are available for students planning to transfer to a university, and are also available to members of the community who wish to broaden their educational experience.

Most students who take courses in the Division of Academic Studies are planning to transfer to a university. A goal of the College is to assure the transferability of its courses; however, because of the diversity of the population served by the College, a community-based institution, students planning to transfer courses to a university or four-year college should take the responsibility of discussing their plans with a counselor from their university-of-choice and a counselor on

Assessment Audit Report

An annual assessment audit is conducted to report which programs have completed their assessment reports each year. This report is generated the week following the annual deadline in May. To view the report for Academic Studies, click here.

Annual Academic Studies Assessment Reports

2013-2014 Academic Studies Assessment Report with addendum

To view all Academic Studies Assessment Reports, click here.

Curriculum Maps

Each program upon creation develops a curriculum map which shows where in the curriculum each Program Learning Outcome is introduced, Reinforced, and mastered. All PLO's are assessed in the course in which it is mastered. To view program curriculum maps.

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