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College Effectiveness Council

The purpose of the College Effectiveness Council (CEC) emphasizes planning and effectiveness to integrate continuous improvement and campuswide representation into all programs and services. Standing membership of the CEC shall include:

· The College President;
· Vice presidents, deans, and executive directors;
· The faculty association president;
· The director of planning, research, assessment, and accreditation;
· The chairpersons of the strategic goal teams;
· The director of admissions/registrar;
· Two members of each of the strategic goal teams;
· The co-chairpersons of the Instructional Services Assessment Committee (ISAC);
· Two members of the college assessment advisory council;
· The chairperson of the staff development committee; and
· Two student representatives.

Members shall be invited to participate on this committee by the College President.


Dr. Jeremy McMillen, President
Dr. Jeanie Hardin, Vice President for Instruction
Mr. Giles Brown, Vice President for Business Services
Mr. Gary Paikowski, Vice President for Information Technology
Dr. Regina Organ, Vice President for Student Services
Dr. Kim Teel, Dean of the South Campus/Engagement Goal Team Co-Chair
Dr. Tony Stanzo, Dean of Academic Studies
Mr. Steve Davis, Dean of Workforce Education
Dr. Debbie Smarr, Director of Planning, Research, Assessment and Accreditation
Ms. Jan Crumpton, Executive Director for the Center for Workplace Learning
Ms. Lorie LeFevers, Faculty Senate President
Ms. Donna King, Director of Financial Aid/Access Goal Team Chair
Ms. Christy Klemiuk, Registrar & Director of Admissions/Access Goal Team Co-Chair
Ms. Barbara Malone, Director of Counseling Services/Success Goal Team C-Chair
Dr. Chase Machen, Social Sciences Department Chair/Success Goal Team Co-Chair
Mr. Leon Deutsch, Director of Teaching and Learning/Engagement Goal Team Co-Chair
Mr. Brent Archer, Assistant Director of Planning, Research, Assessment and Accreditation/Excellence Goal Team Chair
Ms. Nancy Luthe, Student Services Assistant/Access Goal Team Representative
Mr. Brad McClenny, International Student Advisor/Access Goal Team Representative
Ms. Dana Kermanian, Professor/Success Goal Team Representative
Mr. Mark Taylor, Director of Student Success/Success Goal Team Representative
Mr. Michael Dill, Professor/Engagement Goal Team Representative
Dr. Jennifer Quong, Professor/Engagement Goal Team Representative
Ms. Dianna Crissman, Assistant Director of Business Services/Excellence Goal Team Representative
Ms. Michelle Flores, Financial Aid Advisor/Excellence Goal Team Representative
Dr. Jean Sorensen, Instructional Services Assessment Committee Co-Chair
Ms. Dorothee Johnson, College Assessment Advisory Committee Member
Ms. Cynthia Taylor, Staff Development Committee Chair
Mr. Jake McBee, Director of E-Learning
Mr. Andy MacPherson, Director of Public Safety
Ms. Wanda HUff, Director of Human Resources
Mr. Daniel Rivera, Student Representative
Ms. April Tocci, Student Representative

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