Engagement Goal


Be a best in class College for student and community engagement.

C1. Increase student engagement

By 2016, have improve all CCSSE measured benchmarks to be at least to the 50th benchmark, with those over the 50th benchmark increasing by at least 2%.

C2. Engage in Service Learning within our community

C3. Increase business and industry partnerships

Engage in internships with our community partners

Planning Documents

March 28, 2014 Final Recommendations to the College Effectiveness Council

Goal Team Membership

Chase Machen, Interim Co-Chair
Kim Teel, Co-Chair
Carol Pace
Jan Crumpton
Jennifer Quong – Team Recorder
Mary Linder
Gregg Miles
Lisa Hebert
Director of Teaching and Learning
Keri Harvey
Andy MacPherson
Patrice Parsons
Marlea Trevino
Michael Dill
Cindy Powell – Team Recorder
Melissa Young
Bill Gronenmeier
Marsha Starr

Strategic Planning Retreat Outcomes