Excellence Goal


Demonstrate operational excellence and maintain a healthy fiscal operation that realizes and plans for declining state resources, while providing an affordable, world-class education.

Demonstrate operational, educational & service excellence by maintaining a healthy operation that realizes and plans for declining state resources; providing an affordable, world-class education; recognizing the diversity of the community, while supporting economical, accountability and efficiency and lifelong learning.


· By 2016, increase Financial Viability Ratio by (From .5% to 1%)
(Financial Viability Ratio: Measures the availability of expendable net assets to cover long term debt should the institution need to settle its obligations as of the balance sheet date.)

· By 2016, maintain Institutional Support, consistent with enrollment & operating expenses (12.4%)
(Institutional support as a percent of total operating expenses: The dollar value of current year Institutional Support expenses reported in the Annual Financial Report Divided by the dollar value of operating expenses (excluding depreciation and auxiliary))

· By 2016, increase Net Revenue per Student (From $2,000 to $2,100)
(Revenue per FTE Student includes: State, Local, and Federal Funds as well as tuition and fee revenue
Expenditures per FTE Student: Instructional, institutional support, and academic support)

· By 2016, break Even on Auxiliary Enterprises
· By 2016, increase Net Position of the Foundation Endowment (20% Increase – From $11.3 million to $13.6 million)

D2. Educational Excellence

· By 2016, lower FTE Faculty/Student Ratio (From 21:1 to the Avg. of Peer Institutions 18:1)
· By 2016, increase Licensure Pass Rate for All Programs (From 95% to 100%)
· By 2016, increase Local, State and National Recognition for Faculty/Staff/Students (From 4 to 10)

D3. Service Excellence

· By 2016, achieve 90% External Customer Satisfaction
· By 2016, be Recognized As A "Great College to Work For" (internal customer satisfaction)

Planning Documents

March 28, 2014 Final Recommendations to the College Effectiveness Council

Goal Team Membership

Brent Archer. Co-Chair
Justin Scheiner, Co-Chair
Dwayne Barber
Janis Thompson
Tina Dodson – Team Recorder
Amy Evans
Lorie LeFevers
Dianna Crissman
Cynthia Taylor
Susan Holt
Michelle Flores
Rick Lynn
Steve Black
Wade Graves
Michael Keck
Robin Robinson
Ryan McKinney
Danny Cazelle
Shirley Sims

Strategic Planning Retreat Outcomes