About Gmail

All faculty and staff receive a Google Apps account for access to Gmail and related Google Apps when they receive their Grayson username and password. Your Gmail address will be in the format username@grayson.edu. This account is integrated with other Google Apps components, such as Calendar, Docs, and Sites.


  Login to your Gmail account here: http://mail.google.com/a/grayson.edu 



Email Archives, Spam Protection, & Virus Protection

Email archiving, spam protection, and virus protection are handled by Google within Gmail. Please refer to Archive mailHow is spam handled?, and About anti-virus scanning.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I make Gmail the default email program when I click email links?
    Yes - you can do this with Notifier. For instructions, see:  About the Gmail Notifier (PC) and Google Notifier (Mac)
  2. Can I access my Gmail account from another email program?
    Yes. POP & IMAP Access is available. When configuring POP or IMAP access, be sure to enter your full  Gmail email address as the username. For example, your username would be yourusername@grayson.edu  and not yourusername. Click here for a list of supported POP clients...
  3. Will I be able to change the name on my Gmail account?
    You may change your display name in Gmail. In Gmail, click on Options --> Mail Settings --> Accounts

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