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* International Students please use the International Student Application .


document-info.png IMPORTANT! Completing the Apply Texas Application for Grayson College is a two-step process.


  1. First complete the "My Profile" section.
  2. Then click the "My Applications" tab to apply to Grayson.


After completing the application for Admission, see the Registration Checklists for the next steps in the registration process.





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Grayson College makes it easy to take the next steps toward your future with an open-door policy that encourages all students to explore all the options available.


You are eligible for admission if you are:
  • A high school graduate of an accredited U.S. high school or GED recipient
  • A college transfer student
  • A non-high school graduate who is at least 18 years old and can demonstrate skill proficiencies that support an ability to benefit from college-level instruction
  • A current high school student who has completed the sophomore year or a home-schooled student who has reached 16 and is academically prepared for college-level instruction


Continuing students do not need to re-apply as long as they have been enrolled within the last 12 months.


You will receive an acceptance letter when you apply for admission. This is a conditional acceptance as you will not be fully admitted until you submit your complete admission documents and successfully meet admission requirements. See GRAYSON ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS below for a list of documents required to complete your admissions to Grayson.


Prospective students who do not meet any of the eligibility categories listed here should contact Admissions and Records office at to discuss criteria for exceptional admissions standards that may apply.


Additional requirements may apply:
  • Non-high school graduates over 18 are required to gain individual approval before enrolling.
  • Some Grayson workforce programs have limited admission and may have additional requirements. Consult the GC catalog for specific workforce program information.
  • F-1 International Students from outside the United States have additional requirements and should contact the International Student Office. F-1 international students should not fill out the ApplyTexas application. See Grayson International Student Office for more information.
  • Current high school juniors and seniors must consult their high school guidance counselor before enrolling in Grayson.


The steps to enrollment are available under the Admissions tab on the MyPage Portal . There is a separate checklist for each admission category. (Examples: high school graduates/GED, former students, college transfers).



Applying for Financial Aid

Financial support, from several possible sources, may be available to help you go to college. The first step is to see how much you and your family can pay. Complete the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASPA) form, a federal designated and approved application. You can complete the application online at or you can visit the college to get help completing the application. It is important to complete the application as early as possible prior to the semester in which you plan to enroll.


Financial aid can only be awarded to students with the intent to complete a certificate or degree program at Grayson College .



Grayson Admission Requirements

Welcome to Grayson College! We are honored to serve you as a prospective student and future Grayson Viking. To begin attending Grayson, all students must apply for admissions and submit necessary admission documents. Please review our admission requirements and talk to an enrollment advisor if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you.


Requirements for all students:

All materials required for admission to Grayson College should be on file in the Admissions Office prior to registration. A new or transfer applicant whose file is incomplete at the time of registration will be allowed 30 days to enroll under a conditional status for one semester pending completion of the admission file. A student who does not submit required transcripts before the census date of the first semester of enrollment will be placed on hold status and all future registrations will be blocked until the admission file is complete. This hold will also prevent the student from requesting a Grayson official transcript.


A re-admission applicant will not be allowed to re-enroll if the admission file was incomplete during the previous enrollment. No student is permitted to re-enroll or receive official transcripts until all admission requirements have been met.


In order for students to charge tuition, books, or dorm to federal financial aid programs, all application materials and all required transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office by the census date published in the schedule of Classes. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in delays in receiving the aid.


Correspondence pertaining to admission should be addressed to:

Office of Admissions and Records

Grayson College

6101 Grayson Drive

Denison, Texas 75020



Students may be admitted* to Grayson by one of the following methods:

U.S. High School Graduate

A graduate of an accredited U.S. high school who has never attended an accredited college or university must submit an official transcript from the U.S. high school showing the date of graduation. The high school must be accredited by the Texas Education Agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or the equivalent accrediting agency for other states and regions. (A graduate of a non-accredited or foreign high school must apply for admission by Individual Approval.) Students that have received their high school diploma through an on-line school are strongly encouraged to contact the Director of Admissions as soon as possible. GC only recognizes private schools accredited through the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission ( )


Individual Approval

An individual eighteen years of age or older who does not have a U.S. high school diploma or G.E.D. or who is a graduate of a non-accredited or foreign high school may apply for admissions on individual approval. A Request for Admission by Individual Approval Form must be submitted with supporting documentation. Supporting documentation should support the rationale that the student has the ability to benefit from college courses. Documentation can include high school transcripts, test scores and a letter of intent from the student. Once all documents are received, the Director of Admissions and Records will determine final approval. Students are strongly recommended to complete their GED within one year from the date of enrollment. International students with an F-1 visa are admitted on the basis of their TOEFL scores. TOEFL scores must be no more than five years old to be valid. Foreign born students without TOEFL scores must be admitted by individual approval. These students are not eligible for state or federal financial aid without passing an Ability to Benefit test or successfully completing six hours of college credit towards a degree program.


Students that fall under the Individual Approval admissions policy must seek permission to enroll from the Admissions and Records office before enrolling.


Transfer from another U.S. College

During their initial term at Grayson, transfer students who desire admission must provide official transcripts from all colleges attended on or before the census date. A hold will be placed if transcripts are not received by the census date. Students applying as a transfer must have transferable college credit from a U.S. accredited college. Developmental courses and continuing education courses are not considered transferable. Grayson College accepts all college level credits from regionally accredited institutions provided that the courses were completed successfully.


  • THEA, Compass, Accuplacer, or Asset test scores must be submitted prior to registration. Transfer students must follow Texas Success Initiative policies for demonstrating college readiness.
  • Students who have been suspended for any reason from another college will not be eligible for admission at Grayson College until they are eligible to return to their previous college or they obtain approval for admission from their Instructional Dean, Director of Counseling Services, or the Director of Admissions and Records.
  • Prior to the end of the first academic term in which transfer students enroll, the Office of Admissions and Records determines the total number of semester transfer credits which will transfer. When transfer students apply for graduation, the Office of Admissions and Records, with assistance from Instructional Deans, determines whether or not transferred courses meet degree requirements.


GED Admission

An applicant who has passed the GED test may be admitted to Grayson College by providing the Admissions and Records Office with a copy of the test scores or GED certificate.


High School Students

To be eligible for concurrent high school and college enrollment:

  • Juniors must have passed sections of the THEA, THEA Quick Test, or other approved test corresponding to college course skill intensities.
  • Seniors must have demonstrated college readiness skills with exit-level TAKS scores, THEA, or other approved assessment.



Applicants seeking readmission to Grayson College, having not attended the previous 12 months must reapply through the Admissions and Records Office. Applicants who have attended any other colleges since their last enrollment at Grayson College must submit official transcripts from those colleges along with scores from a state-approved assessment.


Non-Degree-Seeking Student

A non-degree-seeking student at Grayson is defined as one who is primarily enrolled at another institution or one who is taking course work for personal enrichment. Non-degree-seeking students are not seeking a degree or certificate at Grayson. These students are limited to an accumulation of 18 semester hours before they must meet the admission policy as a degree-seeking student and declare a major. These students are not eligible for state or federal financial aid.


Students regularly enrolled in another college or university must provide documentation (unofficial transcripts are acceptable in this instance) verifying enrollment during the preceding semester. If an unofficial transcript is accepted for advising and enrollment, the student should note that a hold will be placed on his/her record after the census date of their first semester until an official transcript is received.


Non-degree-seeking students may still need assessment testing to meet institutional course prerequisites. Unless students are eligible for a TSI waiver, a copy of test scores from a TSI approved test or TSI-exempt status is required.


Students are not allowed to change from a declared major to non-degree-seeking status. Students must register through Student Services every semester, and cannot self-enroll. If these students desire to remain at Grayson College or apply for a degree, financial aid or benefits of any type, they must furnish all transcripts from institutions where they were previously enrolled or attended.



Grayson College welcomes international students. We typically enroll over 130 students from over 40 countries. We have an active International Student Program. If you have any questions, you can contact them by email at by telephone at 903.463.8746 or . International admission applications are located on . Please do not use the ApplyTexas application if you are an international student.



Residency and Tuition

The amount of tuition you are charged is based on your residency classification, which is determined according to the information you submit on the ApplyTexas application. You may also be asked to provide documentary evidence that proves your residency status.


The general residency classifications for tuition purposes are as follows:


  • Grayson County resident: A Texas resident who has lived in Texas for the past 12 months and resides in Grayson County.
  • Out-of-district student: A Texas resident for the past 12 months who does not reside in Grayson County.
  • Out-of-state student: A U.S. citizen who has not lived in Texas for the past 12 months.
  • Out-of-country student: A non-U.S. citizen who is not a resident alien.


Your residency classification is based on rules and regulations established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. If you have questions about residency, review the admissions tab under the MyPage Portal .