Educational Objective and Ability To Benefit

                                                          EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE


What is an Educational Objective?

Federal law requires students to have an education objective (student intent) that states that they are working towards either an Associate's Degree or a Certificate at Grayson College in order to receive financial aid from GC. You declared your intent when completing your admissions application to Grayson College.


How does it affect me?

If you stated on your admissions application that you are not specifically seeking a degree or certificate from Grayson College, you are not eligible for financial aid because the educational objective you chose is not listed as seeking an approved degree or certificate from GC.


What can I do if there is an error?

If you believe your educational objective is listed incorrectly, please submit a completed Change of Major/Educational Objective form to the GC Registrar's office. The form can be found on the MyPage Portal under the Admissions and Registrar tab. The form is available to print under the "Records" section. On this form you can change your major or your educational objective. Please allow two days for your request to be processed. The financial aid office will be notified of the change once it is processed.



                                                                 ABILITY TO BENEFIT


What is Ability to Benefit (ATB)?

Federal law requires students to be qualified to study at the post-secondary level. A student qualifies if he/she:

  • has a high school diploma;
  • has the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma, such as a general educational development or GED certificate; or
  • has completed homeschooling at the secondary level as defined by state law.


How does it affect me?

New students who do not have a high school diploma or an equivalent and who did not complete secondary school in a home-school setting are not eligible for financial aid funds.


What can I do to complete this?

Please submit one of the following documents to the Admissions office:

  • Official high school diploma or transcript showing graduation date
  • Copy of GED scores or GED certificate