Roger Alex, Jr. & Patsy Kemp Powell Academic Scholarship

Title: Roger Alex, Jr. & Patsy Kemp Powell Academic Scholarship
Description: Established in December, 2002 by Roger Powell, GC employee. Roger & Patsy plan to return some benefits to the colleges in the State of Texas for what they have done - and are doing - for them personally, and to honor the contributions to the State of Texas made by their parents. Neither Roger nor Patsy was able to access financial assistance in their own college years, but they feel obligated to assist others where they can. Both of their parents were hard-working, everyday people of the type the world seldom seems to acknowledge, but who somehow found the strength to become successful in their own way. Roger & Patsy are proud of this opportunity to assist GC students, and have a great deal of pride in our State, their families, the College and its students. This scholarship is for GC students with financial need.
Value: TBD - Pending Endowment