Transfer of Foreign Credit

globe.jpgStudents requesting credit for such coursework must first apply for admission to GC and enroll in courses. To receive transfer credit from foreign institutions, students must bring an official copy of their college transcript and a certification and translation report from WES, AACRAO, or FCSA to the GC Admissions Office. Certification and translation services other than WES, AACRAO, or FCSA will not be accepted. The cost for certification and translation must be paid by the student.


In cases where course titles and credits do not match GC courses exactly, copies of course syllabi and course descriptions from the foreign institution will be required before the course will be considered for transfer. Students will need to provide copies of these materials, translated into English, upon request from GC.


When students provide their transcripts, the report from WES, AACRAO, or FCSA, and any course descriptions and syllabi to GC in a timely manner, the Admissions office will determine the total number of semester transfer credits by the end of the first semester of enrollment at GC. To avoid additional costs and delays in posting information, students are encouraged acquire these materials promptly. Grayson College does not accept foreign coursework for courses in English and speech.



Students applying for admission to select programs such as nursing and other health sciences areas should submit a copy of their college transcript along with a copy of the certification and translation report from WES, AACRAO, or FCSA. In addition, students should be prepared to provide copies of course descriptions and course syllabus materials translated into English. The cost of the certification and translation must be paid by the student. Health Sciences departments will analyze these materials once the necessary information is provided by the student.


For the purpose of the Texas Success Initiative, students who have completed the equivalent of a U.S. associates or bachelors degree from an accredited college or university outside the United States are exempt from placement testing. In order to receive this exemption, students must present a certified, translated copy of their foreign credential, which must be completed by WES, AACRAO, or FCSA along with an official college transcript.


Foreign students who have not completed a degree are required to assess on THEA or Compass before enrolling in courses that lead to an associate degree. Students enrolling in certificate programs must complete the required placement testing for the certificate they are seeking.



Once the GC Admissions and Records Office receives the copy of the foreign transcript and coursework certification and translation from one of the companies above, the materials will be processed by the counseling office for students who are currently enrolled at GC. Students will be notified of courses for which they will need to bring course syllabi and course descriptions for further determination of credits. Instructional departments will make the final determination on transfer questions once course syllabi and descriptions are received. The Records Office will post transfer work once a final determination has been made in conjunction with counseling and appropriate instructional departments.


Foreign Credential Evaulations are only accepted by GC from the following: