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Financial Aid Forms

Downloadable Forms

Below are many of our commonly used forms available for you to download. Please mail, fax, email or hand deliver completed forms to the Office of Financial Aid, unless otherwise advised on the form. (Link to a PDF file requires Adobe Reader.)


2016-2017 Academic Year



Change of Circumstance Form 

Students who have suffered a change in their household income due to loss of wages, divorce, or death of a family member.

Dependency Override 

Students who’s dependency has changed since completing their FAFSA.

FERPA Consent Form 

Students complete to allow specific persons to have access to the student’s records.

Financial Aid Appeal Form 

Used when students want to file a financial aid appeal. Students must submit this form in person and see an academic advisor.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 

Paper application used for students who are unable to complete their FAFSA online.

GC Scholarship Application

Application for ALL on-campus scholarships

Hazlewood Application

Exemption for Texas Veterans

Home-School Certification Form

Used for ATB when student was homeschooled

Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose

Form used during verification

Income Affidavit

Used when income exempts filing a FAFSA

Loan Application

Student must submit and visit with a Financial Aid counselor before being awarded a student loan.

Making Changes in Financial Aid

To be completed and signed by student making changes to their financial aid award.

Parent Plus Loan Application

Completed by parent to request a Federal Parent PLUS Loan

Request For Reimbursement

Submitted when student has out-of-pocket expenses to request a reimbursement.

SAP Reinstatement

Student who is currently on Financial Aid Probation or Suspension once they’ve reached the SAP requirements for federal aid eligibility.

Senate Bill 1528 Data/Affidavit

State of TX form required for non-documented students to receive a Texas Public Educational Grant

Statement of Separation

Used when changing marital status on the FAFSA; mostly used with a Change of Circumstance form.

Unusual Enrollment History

One of the Verification forms.

Work-study Application

Student completes when eligible to work on campus. (Federal and State Work-study Programs)