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Registration Guide

The Registration Guide is a summary listing of information used in admissions, advising, enrollment and payment options related to registering for classes. All of the information is available on this website through various pages, but is listed here to provide a one-stop guide to answer the common questions associated with enrollment and services.  


Academic Calendars

Campus Services and Campus Directory

     Admission Requirements
     Enrollment Steps
     Meningitis Vaccination Law
     Health Science Clinical Vaccination Requirements (or visit your program of choice for details)
     Residency Information

Orientation and Program Information
      College 101 (Orientation for admissions)
      Orientation to help with Online classes
      Health Science Program Information Sessions (Visit your program of choice for details)

Assessment of Skills (Testing, Waivers and Exemptions)

Advising – Creating and/or updating your degree plan?

Enrolling in Courses
     How to enroll in classes online using MyViking

Summer/Fall 2016 schedule of classes

Payment of Tuition and Fees
     Installment Plans
     Financial Aid options

Tuition and Fees Charts
     Fall 2016

Parking Permits, Transportation and Campus Safety
     Parking Permits
     GC Alert
     Campus Safety (Clery Act and Violence Against Women Act)

Student IDs


Admissions and Related Information that Students Need to Know
     Academic Fresh Start
     Academic Integrity Statement
     Directory Information on Students
     Disability Services
     Dropping a Class or Change of Schedule
     Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 
     Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation 
     Graduation Disclosures
     Non-discrimination / Equal Opportunity Statement
     Religious Holy Days 
     Statement on Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act 
     Student Handbook 
     Support and Special Services (also visit Disability Services
     Withdrawing from College

Career Services and Career Exploration

Final Exam Schedules

Campus Locations and Maps