Music Appreciation and Music Literature

Music Appreciation

From the 2012-2013 Catalog:

MUSI 1306. Music Appreciation. (3-0-3). Overview of the entire musical scene. Emphasis on mediums, forms, notation, and compositions, utilizing a listener’s approach. (R)

Music Appreciation is typically taken by non-music majors to satisfy their Fine Arts credit. It is similar to Music Literature, but with a more introductory pace and scope, for non-music majors. There are typically many different sections offered, including online, 8-week, and evening classes.

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Music Literature

From the catalog:

MUSI 1307. Music Literature. (3-0-3). Survey or the principal musical forms and cultural periods as illustrated in the literature of major composers.

Music Literature is required for music majors, and is like the “music major version” of Music Appreciation.

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