Private Lessons

We offer lessons in every major instrument, including strings, brass, woodwinds, drumset, voice, classical piano, jazz piano, and guitar. (See the full list of lessons).

Lesson types

There are four “types” of lessons:

  1. Freshman 30-minute lessons: MUAP 11XX, 1 credit
  2. Freshman 60-minute lessons: MUAP 12XX, 2 credits
  3. Sophomore 30-minute lessons: MUAP 21XX, 1 credit
  4. Sophomore 60-minute lessons: MUAP 22XX, 2 credits

These are “private lessons,” meaning that they are one-on-one with an instructor. They occur once a week at the same time and day each week, e.g., Tuesdays at 2:00. Lessons are scheduled individually, by appointment. (After you enroll for lessons, the appropriate instructor will contact you and/or you can find them through Blackboard, to find a lesson time and day that works with both of your schedules). Lessons take place in the practice rooms in the AC building.

Note: “30-minute” lessons actually meet for 25 minutes. “60 minute” lessons actually meet for 50 minutes. These descrepencies allow instructors to schedule lessons on the hour and half-hour, and to have small breaks between lessons to allow students to get to their next classes.

For non-music majors

Lessons are open to all students, regardless of major or past experience. You are invited to take lessons in any instrument, at the 30-minute or 60-minute level. Many non-music majors use this as an opportunity to continue studying an instrument they studied in high school, while others take advantage of the chance to learn something new! Either way, private lessons provide non-majors a nice “break” from their primary studies, and a chance to get involved in music at least once a week. Just remember: if you are a freshman and want a 30-minute lesson, enroll in an MUAP 11XX class. If you are a freshman and want a 60-minute lesson, enroll in an MUAP 12XX class. If you are a sophomore and want a 30-minute lesson, enroll in an MUAP 21XX class. If you are a sophomore and want a 60-minute lesson, enroll in an MUAP 22XX class.

(See the full list of lessons).

For music majors

If you are a music major, you will choose one instrument to be a “primary” instrument. Music majors should take private lessons on their primary instruments at the 2-credit hour level, each semester. This will result in your taking an MUAP 12XX course twice during your freshman year, and an MUAP 22XX course twice during your sophomore year. For example, if your primary instrument is the trumpet, then you would take the following:

  • Freshman year, fall: MUAP 1237, Trumpet 1
  • Freshman year, spring: MUAP 1237, Trumpet 1
  • Sophomore year, fall: MUAP 2237, Trumpet 2
  • Sophomore year, spring: MUAP 2237, Trumpet 2

In addition to taking lessons on your primary instrument, you are required to take at least three semesters of piano instruction. This is typically done through Piano Class (MUSI 1181, 1182, and 2181) but you may choose private piano lessons at one credit each instead (MUAP 1169, 1169 again, and 2169). If you choose private piano lessons instead of Piano Class to fulfill the secondary instrument requirement, then, if you prefer, you can take the two-credit version of lessons instead (MUAP 1269 and 2269). Also, you can take them for four semesters instead of the required three.

Note: if classical piano is already your primary instrument, you do not have to take secondary piano classes. Instead, you may choose some other instrument, and take at least three semesters of lessons for at least one credit each. Because of the significant difference in the approach to the instrument, you can even choose jazz piano as your secondary instrument.

(See the full list of lessons).

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