Audition Requirements

Variable Music Departmental Scholarships do not require an audition. More info here. All other music scholarships require an audition.

To audition for the Dan O’Dea Memorial Scholarship, you must perform two pieces from contrasting periods.

For all remaining music scholarships, it is preferred that you perform one solo work from the University Insterscholastic League Prescribed Music List (UIL PML). This may be a class 1, 2, or 3 solo. (See here). If you cannot sing or play a piece from the UIL PML, you may perform any piece of published music (e.g., recital piece or etude) that displays your level of proficiency. For further information, contact James Dering.

You only need to perform one audition, wherein you will be considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible. (If you wanted to apply for all scholarships, then, you would play two pieces from contrasting periods, at least one of which is from the UIL PML). You are allowed to use sheet music; the music does not have to be performed from memory. You may bring an accompanist, or you may perform unaccompanied.

If you miss the audition date, you should still contact James Dering to see if any options remain available.

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