New Library Database Resources


Grayson College Library is proud to announce 11 new Database Resources for your research and entertainment needs. Newly-added resources include 4 general interest databases, EBSCO's Literary Reference Center, and 6 new, academic-focused databases from H.W. Wilson.


The new general interest databases are:

  • Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center
  • Home Improvement Reference Center
  • Small Business Reference Center
  • Small Engine Repair Reference Center


These new resources, from EBSCO's "Do-It-Yourself Reference Center," include illustrated articles, videos, and other full-text content. Whether you're starting your own business, tackling your "To-Do" list around the house, or just relaxing with your hobbies, these resources have got you covered!


EBSCO's Literary Reference Center provides information on thousands of authors and their works through an expansive collection of author biographies, plot summaries, poems, short stories, author interviews, and more!


From the long-respected H.W. Wilson collections, Grayson College Library now provides full access to:

  • Book Review Digest Plus
  • Business Abstracts with Full Text
  • Essay & General Literature Index
  • Humanities Full Text
  • Play Index
  • Short Story Index


H.W. Wilson resources include content from quality sources such as magazines, journals, reference books and monographs, book reviews, videos, poems, short stories and much more.


Access Anytime, Anywhere

Just like all the other Library databases, these new resources are available to Grayson College students, faculty and staff, 24/7 from the library's computers or from your personal computer using your Grayson College Username and Password.