Biological & Physical Sciences

The Biological & Physical Sciences Department of Grayson College is the umbrella for all science courses at the college. Using the navigation bar to the left, learn more about each area of science specialties.

GC has fourteen full time faculty and staff to assist students to achieving their educational goals.

Michael Dill
Chair of the Science Department
Professor of Microbiology and Human Anatomy & Physiology
903 463-8635

Dr. Jane Johnson-Carr
Professor of Chemistry
903 463-8668

Crystal Crow
Main Campus Lab Prep Coordinator
903 463-8629

Dusty Girard
Professor of Geology & Geography
903 415-2595

Dr. Mike Keck
Professor of General Biology
903 463-8617

Rick Lynn
Professor of Geology
903 463-8656

Ryan McKinney
Professor of Physics
903 463-8725

Keith McLaughlin
Professor of Biology
Office located on Van Alstyne, South Campus
903 415-2633

Ryan Myers
Professor of Biology
903 415-2584

Dr. Patrice Parsons
Professor of Biology
903 415-2557

Debra Sexton
Program Assistant for Academic Studies/Science & Mathematics

Richard Taylor
Lab Prep Coordinator, Van Alstyne South Campus
903 463-8605

Dr. Brad Weart
Professor of Microbiology and Human Anatomy & Physiology
903 463-8667

Laurie Williams
Professor of Biology
903 463-8702