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General Studies/Liberal Arts Transfer Programs

Grayson College takes pride in the number of students who begin their college career here and then transfer to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree or higher. After transferring, data show that students who start with us have a higher grade point average than those students who begin their educational journey at the university level. We teach the foundational classes and are great at it!

Students planning to transfer should consider completing an Associate degree before making the transfer. The completion of a credential simplifies the transfer process of aligning credit hours toward a higher degree. At Grayson, we offer three Associate degrees for transfer:  Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), and Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT). All students should work closely with their adviser to make the most of their schedule and degree planning.

Students interested in the AA degree will complete the degree plan for Liberal Arts. Typical majors in the AA plan include Music, Drama, and Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts pathways include Speech Communication, Spanish, Sociology, Fine Art, and English.

Students interested in the AS degree will complete the degree plan for General Studies. Typical majors in the AS plan include Math, Engineering, Computer Science, and Business Administration. Those interested in Biological and Physical Sciences can emphasize their studies in Physics, Geology, Chemistry, and Biology.  General Studies pathways include Psychology, Physical Education, Occupational Safety and Health, and Economics. The General Studies AS degree program is also available in an online format. All coursework may be completed without visiting campus!

Students interested in the AAT degree can focus their coursework in three areas: 4-8 Certification and Early Childhood-12 Special Education; 8-12 Certification and Early Childhood-12 Other than Special Education; or Early Childhood-6 Certification.

Whatever your goals, Grayson College is pleased to a partner in your success!