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2015-2016 Grayson Catalog

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 Mobile Device Instructions


Download the Grayson Catalog PDF file to your smart phone, tablet, or e-reader and choose the application you want to open the document with. Applications can be found by searching the app store on your device. There are a variety of applications that will open PDF files: Adobe Reader, iBooks, and Kindle are some of the PDF readers available for downloading on various devices.


For example, an Apple device user can download both Adobe Reader and iBooks from the App Store on the device, and using Safari, that user can navigate to the Grayson homepage to open the Grayson catalog from the Catalog link under Quick Links. The web browser will open the catalog, and by tapping the top of the screen the user can view the available options for opening the PDF file. Tapping the button that says, "Open In . . ," displays a list of the available applications that will open the PDF file. Two of those choices will be: Adobe Reader and iBooks. The catalog PDF file can be opened in either Adobe Reader or iBooks on an Apple device. Each application handles the file with slightly different searching and viewing options.