Campus Housing

When you clicked on housing, you began to explore the possibility of living on campus. At Grayson, we believe that your first step to becoming your own person independently and socially is to expand your horizons and experience interaction with a group living environment that consists of students from different cultures, religions, and ethnic groups

Living on campus will provide an overall educational experience that helps contribute to successful student development. This environment challenges you to develop socially, increase personal awareness, commit to serious learning and share your ideas and goals among your peers.

The Office of Residence Life is located in Student Services Area of the Administrative Service Building.

For additional information, contact Cynthia Taylor, Residence Hall Coordinator at 903-463-8793 or email at

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Frequently Asked Questions


When do I need to apply?
We recommend early spring.

Will my financial aid pay for housing?
If you receive a Pell Grant it will pay for housing if all other charges have been paid (tuition, fees, books). If you applied for a loan and you have received an award letter, then you may charge your housing cost upon checking into the residence hall.

If, I live on-campus, am I required to purchase the meal plan?

When is housing cost due?
Deposit, Rent and Meal Plan must be paid upon check-in. For further information on meal plans click on Meal Payment Plan

How much is the housing deposit?

How much is the Residence Hall fees?

When do I receive my refund on my deposit?
You must request a refund for the deposit. The deposit must stay intact until the resident checks out of the hall.

Can I be a roommate with the person I have requested?
Only if the person has submitted their application and deposit and has been notified that they have a bed for the upcoming semester.

When will I know if I have a room?
The number of beds that will be available for the fall semester will be assigned August 1. . We will notify you if you do not receive a bed.

When do I need to cancel to receive my full refund back?
July15 : 100% of your deposit
July 22: 60% of your deposit
July 29: 0%

What furniture is in the rooms?
All rooms include beds, desk/ chair, dressers and closet space.