Honors College

Honors College

Grayson College's Honors College
Prove yourself to be one of the best!

GC is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council

Are you creative, thoughtful, and looking for an opportunity to be recognized for your academic achievement? Then you'll be glad to know that GC's small honors program has been improved to allow more students to take more classes as honors classes. Consider the opportunity to take honors classes and to enroll in GC's Honors College. Honors classes challenge students to aim for the highest academic achievements by setting exemplary standards for themselves. Prove you're the best by accomplishing all that you are capable of achieving and by fulfilling your potential in higher education!

For more information please email Dr. Brandy Fair
or call at 903-463-8734.

GC is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council

What are honors classes? Sections of core curriculum classes designated "HRS" (7HR, South Campus) share this perspective:

  • Class environments encourage interaction between students and faculty
  • Small classes (15-25 students) are exciting because they emphasize building confidence through learning
  • Requirements are "built-in," not "added-on"-no "make work"
  • Accomplishments are noted, and when possible, recorded in electronic portfolios documenting students' success
  • Classes are foundational courses in a variety of disciplines
  • The first-two years of college represent the common ground for competition and excellence, for setting the pace of outstanding achievement leading to successful transfer to selective four-year colleges and universities

Does a student have to apply to GC's Honors College to enroll in an honors section?

No, provided that spaces remain in that section. Only members of the Honors College receive pre-enrollment privileges to ensure their participation in honors sections.

How does a student enter GC's Honors College?

  • Be a high school graduate or have a GED
  • Automatic acceptance upon application with GPA of 3.4 (B+ average), ACT of 23, or SAT of 1070
  • Or two letters from faculty or employers testifying to excellent intellectual ability and leadership ability

Where are application forms?

The forms are right here on this web page. You will see them by clicking on the links on the left side of this page.

How does a student succeed and continue in GC's Honors College?

  • Continued enrollment in at least one honors section/long semester
  • And GPA of 3.2
  • And continued service learning, which may include GC extracurricular activities
  • And no violation of GC's academic integrity policy or disciplinary code

Benefits for All Honor Students

  • Mentoring by professors teaching honors sections
  • Additional advising from GC's Honors College Coordinator
  • Special invitations to campus activities designed to improve your academic experience
  • Extra encouragement for increased academic performance and retention
  • Greater academic success upon transfer