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Myth: There is one right job for me.

  • On the contrary, you are a multi-potential individual. There are numerous occupations to which your talents can be equally applied and the nature of these possibilities will expand as your work experience grows.

Myth: Career planning is an irreversible process.

  • Not so. You can change career direction whenever your talents, needs, and resources dictate or allow.

Myth: There is a particular set of job responsibilities for every occupation.

  • On the contrary, people in positions having the same titles are very often performing different tasks. The varying duties are due to the individual’s interests and capabilities along with varying needs from employer to employer.

Myth: A four-year college degree guarantees a good paying job.

  • Not so. Only 20% of current jobs require a four-year college education. It is very important to remember that many jobs require technical skills as well.

Myth: Everyone should go to college.

  • Everyone probably needs some training beyond high school. Think first about what occupation you want, and then find out what education is necessary to do that job. Remember, desire and effort is necessary to be successful in postsecondary education.