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Where can I get my immunization records?

The best resources for getting childhood immunization records are: parents, high school records, military records, personal physician, and the health department. Please know that the immunizations must be completed prior to clinical start dates. Note: A letter from parent or guardian regarding vermicelli (chicken pox) is no longer acceptable. Record of vaccines or titer showing proof of immunity is required.


Is the paramedic course going to be a "shift based" course?

Yes. The 2019-2020 Paramedic Course will meet on "A" and "B" shift. Refer to the course schedule in the packet.


What are the days and times of the course?

The course will meet on "A" shift and "B" shift days, except Sundays. When the "A" or "B" shift day falls on Sunday, the paramedic course will not meet. Class meets 0900 - 1600 hours for lecture and 1700 - 2000 hours for laboratory/skills each class day.


Why did the course add the extra time for laboratory/skills each evening?

When National Accreditation site visitors toured the laboratory facilities they noted that the resources available to the EMS program were excellent. We were directed to adjust our course schedule as necessary to gain access to those resources. The early evening hours were best-suited for full access to paramedic students.


Did this additional time add to the number of hours needed to complete the paramedic course?

Yes and no. The semester credit hours were increased from 33 to 36 hours. The time dedicated to each class day was increased by two hours. We shortened the classroom hours and added a dinner break. The class day is longer; however, the course length remains the same.


When will I graduate?

Paramedic students who successfully complete the course requirements are scheduled to graduate in August of each year.


When I successfully complete the course, will I be eligible to sit for the National Registry certification exam?

Yes! The Grayson College EMS Education program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Education Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions.