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Housing COVID-19 Guidelines

Grayson College Student Housing will be available for students in the 2020-2021 academic year. GC will continue to follow local, state and federal guidelines in regard to COVID-19. Grayson is operating in Phase 2 of the Return to Campus Plan. While the situation can change, the following is the current plan for Housing. Once students have returned to campus, residents will be notified directly via email, bulletin board posting and/or text of changes to procedures and guidelines. Residents should also frequently monitor the GC COVID-19 webpage.

To maintain the health and safety of all Vikings, it is each resident’s responsibility to know and follow the guidelines presented below.

Before Coming to Campus

Students are asked to self-quarantine 14 days prior to arrival on campus. This will limit exposure and provide the greatest chance of success, as our Vikings return. Students should also become more aware of frequent hand-washing and should consider wearing a mask for multiple hours each day to be accustomed to the experience.  


Approximately 100 student athletes will live in standard density (2 per room/4 per bathroom) as family units in Viking Hall and Ralph T. Jones Hall. Athletes will practice in small groups and are strongly encouraged to eat and socialize only with that small group. Additional guidelines will be provided to athletes through the Athletic Handbook. Non-athletes will live more spread out (ideally 1 per room/ 2 per bathroom) in Jones Hall. Additional rooms will be held for those who may need to be isolated. Until further notice, visitors will not be allowed in the residence halls after move-in day.

Move-In Procedures

Move-In will take place on Friday, August 21. Those who will be on campus to assist with move-in will be required to follow Grayson College guidelines for all campus visitors, which could include wearing face coverings and screening. Students are asked to limit the guests assisting move-in to 3. Children and the elderly are strongly encouraged to not visit campus. Additionally, students are encouraged to limit the amount they bring to campus, to ease the move-in process. Additionally, should the situation arise where Housing would need to be closed with little notice, students should be able to remove all items from their rooms in one trip.

To encourage physical distancing, students will be divided by last name to determine move-in time. If the assigned time doesn’t coordinate with a student’s flight or bus schedule, alternate arrangements can be requested in advance through

9am: A-D 1pm: O-S
10am: E-I 2pm: T-Z
11am: J-N

Viking VIP Check-In

Local students who have completed all requirements to live on campus are eligible for VIP Check-In. Viking VIP Check-in allows students to drop-off items anytime during the week of August 17-20, avoiding the long check-in lines. Students will receive their room keys curbside on Friday, August 21st.

Housing Orientation

Housing Orientation will be held Saturday, August 22 at 1pm in the Viking Gym. Students will be seated in the stands maintaining physical distancing. This meeting is mandatory, so students should make plans to attend.

Dining Hall

Grayson College is working closely with Great Western Dining to provide a safe environment for food service. All food will be served in to go containers. Students may take their food outside or to their room or may choose to dine in the cafeteria. To limit exposure, partitions will be placed on the tables. Students should not move tables, chairs or partitions.

General Health & Safety Guidelines

Students are expected to follow all recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding face coverings, hand washing and physical distancing. At this time, all persons on campus are required to wear face coverings when not alone in their personal vehicle, personal residence hall room, dining in the cafeteria or when participating in athletics where physical distancing can occur. Athletes will be provided program-specific guidelines for behavior during practices, workouts and games, which should be followed.

Daily Screenings

Currently, all persons on campus must go through a daily screening process for COVID-19 symptoms. Screening will be provided each morning from 7:30-8:30am in Viking Hall. Residents who are unable to be screened during this time will need to visit another screening location on campus. The process is likely to change, as the situation changes. Updates will be made to the Screening Plan on the College website. Once they’ve returned to campus, residents will be notified directly via email, bulletin board posting and/or text of changes to procedures and guidelines.

Other Guidelines

  1. Guests are not permitted in the residence halls
  2. Students must practice physical distancing while in common spaces (i.e. study rooms, lobby, student lounges, cafeteria).
  3. Students are expected to conduct routine cleaning of personal spaces including shared bathrooms, which will be checked frequently.
  4. To allow for physical distancing, there is a 2-person limit in the elevator. When possible, students are encouraged to use the stairs rather than sharing an elevator.
  5. Follow seating guidelines in common spaces (do not move/alter furniture set-up)

Cleaning of Community and Personal Spaces

Grayson College has enhanced cleaning efforts throughout campus with increased attention to all residence halls and commonly touched surfaces. The Facilities Department is using the Clorox Total 360 System to disinfect those areas, which not only cleans the area but provides continued protection for 72 hours after cleaning.

Residents will be provided supplies to clean shared spaces, and Residence Hall Supervisors will regularly check to ensure cleaning is occurring. If a replacement of supplies is needed, residents may return empty containers to the Residence Hall Supervisor to be refilled during regular business hours.

Procedures for Handling Potential and Known Cases of COVID-19

Residents who have contact with, show symptoms or have a confirmed case of, a communicable disease (e.g., influenza, COVID-19, measles, viral hepatitis-A, viral hepatitis-B, etc.), should:

  • Immediately isolate in their room
  • Contact the Hall Supervisor via text/phone call
  • Student athletes should notify Athletic Trainer, Melaney Card
  • Notify their health professional
  • Submit the Exposure Form on the College website

Submission of the form triggers a response from the Dean of Student Affairs who will contact the student to determine next steps. This includes an understanding of the student’s interaction with others (name, duration, type of contact, wearing of face coverings, etc.). This illustrates the importance for students to minimize those with whom they come into contact at all times.

If the resident requires quarantine, arrangements will be made by Housing staff. Residents in quarantine will be restricted from attending class, campus events, residence hall activities and the cafeteria. Arrangements will be made to provide meal service to students in quarantine.

The College will notify the Grayson County Health Department of the exposure and/or positive case. The Health Department will provide guidance as to next steps, which could include quarantine of those who have come in contact with the student. Again, this is another reason to limit exposure to others.

Grayson College will follow local guidance but the current plan is: If a student becomes symptomatic and is not tested for COVID-19, they will remain in quarantine until at least 10 days have passed since symptoms began and they have been symptom free without medication for 72 hours. If a student is tested and confirmed positive for COVID, they will remain in quarantine for at least 14 days and until two negative tests are received 24 hours apart. If a student is determined to be a close contact by the Health Department or by the College, they will be quarantined for 14 days.  

Please note: Due to extenuating circumstances, including public health issues, course and testing delivery methods, instructional schedules, housing contracts, campus procedures and/or operating hours may be altered, interrupted and/or ceased for a limited or extended period of time. Such changes will be posted on the College website.