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Writing Center Online

The Writing Center is still here to help you with providing resources and tutoring during our 2nd 8-week term from March 23 through May 14.

We will still be providing 'face to face' tutoring through conferencing. You can download Zoom on your phones from the AppStore or at for free on your desktop (desktop is easier to share screens and essays), get an account using your email address and call just click the following URL to access the Writing Center's personal Zoom meeting room.

The following tutors will be available in our Zoom meeting room at the following times for 'drop-in' visits:


Mondays  10 AM --  2 PM  (Wende Andrew & James Smith)    5 PM -- 7 PM (Sherry Johnson)

Tuesdays  10 AM --  2 PM  (Wende Andrew & James Smith)  6 PM -- 8 PM (Jennyfer Kemp)

Wednesdays 10 AM --  2 PM  (Mark Keene & John Moody)    5  PM -- 7  PM (Sherry Johnson )

Thursdays 10 AM --  2 PM  (Mark Keene & John Moody)   6  PM -- 8  PM (Jennyfer Kemp )

Individual Zoom sessions are available. Please fill out the Zoom Conference Form to set one up. Click Here to fill out the form.

Students can click here to submit for email submissions as well by filling out the Email Assignment Form if they are willing to wait 36-48 hours for a response (though we are frequently faster).

Students can access Grayson's wifi in the parking lot where they do not have to come in the buildings and can still practice social distancing. The Denison Chamber of Commerce and restaurants like Starbucks have similarly available wifi. They don't have to go into the buildings. This may also be true of some area libraries.

A quick resource for students can also include this helpful video of how to use Google Docs and Safari to complete an essay on their phone, including citations from our library, and turn it in on Canvas (especially for those with limited tech resources and no internet at home but a phone)

Help with Zooming

If anyone has any questions or needs to contact me for more support, feel free to email me at My personal zoom meeting room