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Meet the Staff

The Center for Workplace Learning (CWL), the non-credit instructional arm of the college, serves the community by offering a wide variety of professional workforce development training programs, and fun, exciting community enrichment classes. In addition, the CWL provides education related to pre-employment, certificate and degree attainment and professional continuing education.

The CWL creates customer-centered, community-connected and quality-driven workplace learning solutions to help the Texoma region build a globally competitive workforce.  


We are located on the Grayson College main campus at 6101 Grayson Drive Denison, TX 75020

Our offices are in the Grayson Complex-Center for Workplace Learning in Suite 100. 

Our phone number is 903.465.8765.

Center for Workplace Learning Staff

IMG_1130_Facetune_15-11-2019-15-10-07.png Kate-Corder-1.jpg IMG_1132_Facetune_15-11-2019-15-12-25.png

Djuna Forrester: Executive Director

With her Ph.D. almost in hand, Djuna is the epitome of a lifelong learner. She can not only dream up a great idea, but she can make it a reality too!

Office: CWL 100


Kate Corder: Director of Continuing Education 

Kate’s college experience was, well, varied. She attended three universities, and three community colleges, in pursuit of her undergrad degree, but by golly, she finished and is working on her Masters as well! She’s our resident problem solver, and she can help you too!

Office: CWL 100


Marlene Phillips: Director of Advising and Outreach

Marlene may look all Texas, but at one time or another, she’s called five countries home. Familiar with being in unfamiliar places and learning new things including languages, Marlene will encourage you to find your path and complete the journey.

Office: CWL 100


Julia-Craze-1.jpg Ginger-Allen-1.jpg Megan-Gravette-1.jpg

Julia Craze: Contract Training Coordinator

Julia’s out to give lawyers a good name! With her law school grad skills like negotiation and analysis, Julia is practically a secret weapon in maximizing training dollars to retain and upskill your company’s talent.

Office: CWL 100


Ginger Allen: Department Assistant

Don’t let her quiet demeanor and calm presence fool you. Ginger is getting it done! This duck on the water makes our office hum. None of us could do anything without Ginger’s office management talents.

Office: CWL 100


Megan Gravette: Grant Specialist

Megan is the rock of our office. She remembers all the reasons why we do the things we do, and she’s the one that fixes it when the rest of us mess up. David and Julia only look good because of Megan. A mostly true fact.

Office: CWL 100


Sheena-Taylor-1.jpg BriAna-Savage-1.jpg Crystal-Wilcoxen-1.jpg

Tasheena Taylor: Enrollment Specialist

Tasheena, known as Sheena, is not only a loyal Denison Yellowjackets fan, she’s also a Grayson College Vikings fan. Sheena personally assists hundreds of students every year to enroll at Grayson. Oh and on top of all that, she’s the advisor for an active student group on campus.

Office: CWL 100


Bri’Ana Savage: Department Clerk

Bri’Ana’s impact far exceeds her presence in the office. As a student worker turned intern turned part-time staff member, we’ve been trying to convince Bri’Ana to stay for years. She’s working on her own life’s plan, but meanwhile, she’s here to help you get started on yours.

Office: CWL 100


Crystal Wilcoxen: Health Sciences Faculty

The C in Crystal is definitely for Care. Just tell Crystal your goal, and she’ll do all she can to help you achieve it. She simply cares about her students and colleagues that much. Lucky you!

Office: HS 210A



Shawn Hendricks: Industrial Technology Faculty

Knowledge is power, but what kind of power? If you think it’s electric power then Shawn will be amped up to meet you-pun totally intended. He’ll help you keep control through logic and troubleshoot the rest.

Office: CTC Mechatronics Lab