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Canvas FAQ

Canvas is the learning management system that you will use to access your courses. 

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How do I log into Canvas?

First you must log into the My Viking, then click on the Canvas icon on the home page of My Viking.  Your Canvas username and password are the same as your My Viking username and password.

How do I retrieve my username and password to log into the My Viking?

Click here for My Viking login and password retrieval instructions.

How do I access my Internet or Hybrid course?

First you must log into the My Viking, then click the Canvas icon on the home page of My Viking.

I’ve logged into Canvas, why can’t I see my upcoming courses listed?

By default, you won’t see your courses inside Canvas until the first day of class unless your instructor makes his/her course available early.

What do I have to do to start my Internet class?

Once you’ve logged into Canvas, click on the course you want to access and locate and read the course syllabus and any other instructions located inside that course.


It is the student’s responsibility to have access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection and a computer that is compliant with recommended browsers and settings in order to effectively utilize Canvas. In order for Canvas to function properly, your computer must have the latest updates and plugins.

Minimum Computer Requirements. Click here for minimum computer requirements.

Supported Browsers and Plugins. Click here for a list of supported browsers and operating systems.

How to Clear Your Browser Cache. Click here for instructions for clearing the browser cache using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

How to Clear Your Browser Cache Using Internet Explorer. Click here for instructions for clearing your browser cache using Internet Explorer.