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Program Details

Course Information and Other Program Details

 Home School and Concurrent Students must enroll through Grayson Admissions or

  • Enrollment is limited to approved courses.  Your high school determines if you will receive dual or concurrent credit. Only core courses are offered for dual/concurrent enrollment.
  • Students must meet course prerequisites as outlined in the catalog.
  • Dual/concurrent credit high school students in their junior and senior years may take two courses per semester.  In order to take more than two courses, a High School and College official must approve (see page 2 of the Enrollment Form).
  • Dual/concurrent credit students are not eligible for developmental level classes.
  • In order to maintain eligibility in the Special Admissions program, students must maintain a “C” or better in EACH course completed.
  • Students under 16 years of age and not entering the 11th grade must appeal for approval to take courses (see page 2 of Enrollment Form)

For general inquiries about the dual credit/concurrent enrollment program, please contact

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