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Flipping the Classroom




In a traditional classroom, you have homework, lecture, homework, lecture, and then you have a snapshot exam. And that exam, whether you get a 70 percent, an 80 percent, a 90 percent or a 95 percent, the class moves on to the next topic. And even that 95 percent student -- what was the five percent they didn't know? Maybe they didn't know what happens when you raise something to the zeroth power. Then you build on that in the next concept. That's analogous to -- imagine learning to ride a bicycle. Maybe I give you a lecture ahead of time, and I give you a bicycle for two weeks, then I come back after two weeks, and say, "Well, let's see. You're having trouble taking left turns. You can't quite stop. You're an 80 percent bicyclist." So I put a big "C" stamp on your forehead -- and then I say, "Here's a unicycle."
-Salman Khan, Khan Academy


Below is a list of tools that you can use to flip some of your content. Feel free to contact Leon Deutsch, Dean of Teaching and Learning or Amanda Schroeder, Teaching and Learning Coordinator for more assistance with Flipping Your Classroom.

 Creating Content
  • ShowMe Tutorial -  iPad App
  • Educreations iPad App
Surface Users: “Whiteboard” is a similar app.
Record Your Computer Screen
  • ScreenCast-O-Matic  -
Video Yourself
  • YouTube Capture app:   Allows you to record and upload to YouTube immediately.
Welcome Video
  • Swivel
Search for Information
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Bozeman Science
Make Your Own Podcast
Use the Clear Record app to make your own podcast.