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"Kahoot Report from DRAM class-
It was a kaHOOT!  I did a sneaky thing that actually worked.  I ordered the questions by tool type.  (i.e.,the wrench tools were questions 1 - 4.  If they didn't know the name of the #1 (adjustable) wrench, they would know that the #2 wrench wasn't an adjustable wrench because they had just seen a pic of the adjustable wrench, so they were down to three possible answers instead of four.  They caught on pretty quick and were able to deduce tool names by the end of groupings.  I had 45 tools.
I used a scene from "Hamilton" as the video wallpaper.  That was kind of cool.  (We all sang together.)  After Kahooting we went into the scene shop and met the actual tools. I asked them if seeing the Kahoot pics helped to setup the real tools and they said yes.   
I did a poll and about two thirds of them had kahooted in high school.  All of that is to say... Thank You for taking the time to sell me on it."  -Tenna Matthews, Drama Professor