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Follett ACCESS

What is Follett ACCESS?

Follett ACCESS makes it easy and affordable to get your textbooks

Follett ACCESS is a program designed to deliver course materials through a flat fee per credit hour, taking the hassle out of buying textbooks.

As a student at Grayson college, you will have access to your course materials on the first day of class, stress free!

Don't Worry Be Happy

Benefits of Follett ACCESS

  • Having required course materials makes it easier to be more successful in class
  • Receive all course materials through a stress-free procurement experience
  • Easily access, manage and use digital course materials
  • Minimize the time spent searching for deals on course materials
  • Don’t worry about getting the wrong book or wrong edition


  • How does Follett ACCESS Work?

    The Follett ACCESS program takes the hassle out of course material buying because course material costs are covered through a flat course fee per credit hour. This allows every enrolled student access to all required materials on day one. Once you have selected your courses, your course list will available through your Canvas portal.

  • Will I save money?

    The All Access program is a money saver. Textbook costs are part of your tuition bill, and you can avoid extra out-of-pocket costs at the start of the term.

  • How do I get my course materials?

    Once you have selected your courses, your materials will be made available to you through your canvas shell

  • What are students saying about Follett ACCESS?

    Students at other campuses who have participated in a similar program love the convenience and ease of accessing their course materials…and being ready for classes on day one!

  • If my professor has recommended course materials, will those be included in the program?

    Only materials identified by your professor or campus as “required” are included as part of the program. All “recommended” materials will be available for purchase at the campus store

  • Am I required to use Follett ACCESS?

    No! The program is optional. You may opt-out to obtain textbooks on your own.

  • How do I opt out of the program?


    For the Summer 2022 semester

    To opt out, visit the online portal.

    If this is your first time opting out, you will need to create a new account to log in.

    Summer Opt-Out Deadlines:

    Semester Deadline
    10 Week 06/19/2022
    8 Week 06/19/2022
    First 5-week 06/19/2022
    Second 5-week 07/17/2022

Contact Information
6101 Grayson Drive
Denison, TX US 75020