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Spring Schedule


NOTE: Individual programs may have additional/different dates. Students are responsible for information in each class syllabus. Dates or times listed below may change without notice. 


Spring 2020 Academic Calendar

January 6 Last Day to Pay for Spring, and Register (16 and 1st 8)
January 13 Spring 16 and Spring 1st 8 week term begins
January 20 Holiday - Martin Luther King Day
January 21 Census date for 1st 8 week Spring term
January 24 Financial Aid Disbursement
January 29 Census Date for 16 week spring term
February 14 Financial Aid Disbursement
February 17 Financial Aid available in Bookstore
February 28 Financial Aid Disbursement
March 2 Last day to pay 2nd 8 weeks; last day to register
March 4-5 Final Exams for Spring 1st 8 weeks
March 5 End of 1st 8 weeks
March 9-13 Spring Break
March 17 2nd 8 week term begins
March 24 Census Date for 2nd 8 weeks
March 27 Financial Aid Disbursement
April 17 Financial Aid Disbursement
April 27 Financial Aid available in Bookstore for Mini
May 1 Financial Aid Disbursement
May 4-7 Final Exams for Spring 2nd 8 weeks
May 7 2nd 8 weeks ends
May 8 Spring Commencement
May 14 Last day to pay for mini
May 16 Bookstore Financial Aid ends for May mini
May 18 Mini semester begins, Bookstore opens for Summer
May 19 Census for Mini
May 22 Financial Aid Disbursement