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Winter Mini FAQs

Grayson College Visiting Student Frequently Asked Questions


Grayson College is offering two Winter terms that consist of online courses. The 5-week minimester will run Dec. 10 - Jan. 6 and the 3-week minimester will run Dec. 17 - Jan 6. These classes will be recorded on a Fall 2021 transcript. Information on how to enroll is provided below.  Online visiting students only need to provide an unofficial college transcript or letter of good standing and no proof of shot records. Please review the following FAQs and contact GC at with further questions.

What is required to enroll as a visiting student?

  • Send an unofficial copy of your transcript OR provide a letter of good standing from your home institution to
  • Complete the TSI assessment (Texas public college students only – contact the admissions office at 903.463.8604 for specific TSI requirements)

Do I need to complete TSI testing if I am at a private school or a school that is not in Texas?

No. If your home institution is not in Texas or is a private school in Texas, you can waive the TSI requirement by completing and submitting the document below. 

Private Out of State Waiver

Will the course transfer back to my home college?

Grayson College is a regionally accredited institution whose courses are typically transferrable to other institutions; however, you should consult with your academic advisor or the Registrar’s Office at your home institution regarding course selection.  Once you have completed the course as a visiting student, you will need to request Grayson College send a transcript to your home college.  Transcript requests can be made at the National Student Clearinghouse.


How much do the courses cost?

Information regarding tuition and fees can be found here.

May I use financial aid to cover the tuition?

Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid at Grayson College.

Can my coach or parent contact Grayson College regarding the courses I am taking or the tuition and fees?

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) prevents Grayson College personnel from discussing your academics or account with a third party without prior consent.  If you would like to give Grayson permission to speak with other individuals about your record you may complete and return the consent for student release information found in MyViking or by contacting the Registrar’s Office at 903.463.8604.