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Technical Specifications

6101 Grayson Drive (Hwy 691)• Denison, TX 75020
Main: 903-465-6030 • Fax: 903-463-5284 

Grayson College is a two year college located approximately 60 miles north of Dallas, Texas with an enrollment of 5000 students.  The Arts and Communication Center (AC)  is the tallest building on campus.  Enter the campus at the Main Entrance and the AC glass-front lobby will be on your left on the circle drive.

There are two performance spaces in the Arts and Communication Center (AC)  - Both spaces share a common lobby.

Cruce Stark Auditorium is a proscenium theatre which seats 903 audience members. It contains a fly loft and no orchestra pit.  There is ramped access to the stage from both the house right and house left aisles.

The Black Box Theatre is a flexible performance space which can seat up to 120 people using a Staging Concepts Inc. SC90 platform system.   It is approximately 50’ X 50’. It contains a tension lighting grid at 17’-0” above deck level.  Full single track masking surrounds the room.  26) legs.  8’x16’.  each.  21 oz. black velour.  Pleated.  Walk along.

General Information

Reservations should be made with the Program Assistant at 903-463-8652

Technical Service arrangements should be made with Technical Director Fabian Garcia (Office: 903-463-8647    Cell: 469-714-6425    Fax: 903-463-5284)

Accessibility Information:

Cruce Stark Auditorium

  • Six wheelchair locations are available: Four are located on the back row, two are mid-house aisle.
  • Additional wheelchair seating can be accommodated by removing additional seats from Rows A and B in the HR section.  Wheelchair accessible restrooms are in the Main Lobby and adjacent to each dressing room.
  • Hearing impaired system available upon request.

Black Box

  • The Black Box is fully accessible.  The flexible seating system can be configured to accommodate wheelchair seating in a number of different ways.  


Event parking is located by the Main Entrance in the lots adjacent to the theatre.  Handicap Drop Off and spaces are located in the circle drive in front (east) of the lobby.  Truck parking is located at the AC loading dock on the west side of the building.


Heavy Duty GE Residential Washer and Dryer located in the ACC Costume Shop adjacent to dressing rooms.


Travel Directions: 

From Dallas using Hwy 75:  Travel north on Hwy 75. Denison is located 35 miles north of McKinney, TX.  Take exit # 65, Hwy 691.  Turn left (west) on Hwy 691 and travel 2 miles.  Grayson College will be on the right. For lobby and parking, enter at Main Entrance (marked as such on the electronic sign)  AC is on your left (the tallest building on campus).  To reach loading dock, take the West Entrance, which will be 100 yards past the “Main” entrance.

From Gainesville using Hwy 82:  Leaving Gainesville on Hwy 82 eastbound, travel 30 miles.  Take exit number 640/Hwy 1417 towards Pottsboro. Turn left under Hwy 82 onto Hwy 1417 and travel 2.7 miles.  Turn right at the intersection of Hwy 1417  and Hwy 691.   (There is a traffic light at this intersection)  Grayson College is on your left in 1 mile.  For lobby and parking, enter at Main Entrance .(marked as such on the electronic sign) AC is on your left (the tallest building on campus).  To reach loading dock, take the west entrance which will be the first entrance with an electronic sign.

Time Zone: Central. Texas conforms to Daylight Savings Time


Green Room: Appx. 15’x21’ located adjacent to dressing rooms and down the hall from stage.  Computer and Internet access available.   Seating for 12.  Refrigerator and dishwasher.

Management:  WiFi in entire building.  Fax machine located in Administrative Services building next door.   Copier located in Liberal Arts Building.  

Stage Manager’s Console: FOH booth.   Audio and Video monitors.  4 channel production communication system.    (Production Intercom)

Rehearsal Rooms: None.  Black Box Theatre is a possibility if available.

Crews: As required.  $25 per hour per technician.

Accessibility: Wheelchair lift to booths.   ADA compliant restrooms adjacent to all dressing rooms, in lobby, and 2nd level between control booths.

Policies: House opens 1/2 hr. prior to curtain, Normal curtain is 7:30 pm.  Alcohol is not permitted on campus.   Smoking in parking lots only.

Load-In Area: There is no elevated dock.


  • Roll-up door from outside to Scene Shop 12’x12’
  • Roll-up from Scene Shop to USR Cruce Stark Stage 12’x12’
  • Roll-up Cruce Stark Stage to Hallway 7’-6”wx7’-10”h
  • Roll-up from Hallway to Black Box 7’-3”x9’-0”h



Cruce Stark Auditorium:

Seating: 903 -  There is no orchestra pit.  8 wheel chair accessible

Stage Dimensions:

Proscenium: 39’-5”w x 19’-7”h.   23’-6”stage depth from plasterline to US I-beams in crossover.  25’-6” from plasterline to US wall.  20’-0” curved apron depth from plasterline at centerline.

Wing space: 20’-0” stage right, 17’-6” to rail stage left.  

Grid height: No grid.   Deck to loft blocks 57”-0”.

Orchestra pit: none

Stage height: relative to auditorium floor 3’-4”

Stage Floor: Sprung Wood covered with 1/4” tempered masonite. Black.   Rosco Adagio Tour dance floor available.  6 rolls) 40’-0” long.  No traps.  

House Draperies (Goods):

House Curtain and Teaser: Black 25 oz. velour.  2) Sections.  Pleated.   Travels and flies.  Space doesn't’t mask unless used as DS legs. 50% fullness.

Legs: 2) sets of 2) legs.  8’-0” x 25’-0”.  Black  21 oz. velour.  Pleated.  50% fullness.

Borders: 3) 4’-0” x 45’-0”.   Black  21 oz. velour.   Pleated.  50% fullness.

Full Stage:  2) sets of FS Blacks.   Black  21 oz. velour.  Pleated.  50% fullness.   Midstage set travels and flies and must be used as legs to mask.  US set can travel and fly.  It is hung US of cyc and is used as a breeze curtain.

Scrims:  1) Black and 1) White.  45’-0” x 25’-0”.  100% Cotton Sharkstooth.

Cyclorama:  45’-0” x 25’-0”.  Seamless.  Natural.  Flat.

Line Set Data:

Line Plot: Next Page 

Working height of battens: approx. 22’ high trim, 19’ low trim

Battens: 24) 45’-0” length with 4’-5” extenders R and L. 1 1/2” i.d.  Schedule 40 black pipe.   On-center distance is generally 0’-8” except electrics.  5) lift lines for each pipe.

Type: 20 single purchase manual and 4) motor assisted  for electrics pipes.

Arbor capacity:1500# per pipe

Available weight: Ample.  60% are 40#.  30% are 20#.  10% are 10#.

Winch capacity: 1500#.  Fixed speed appx. 20fpm.

Loading gallery: SL. Access is ladder w/ barrel cages on USL wall.

Lock rail: SL.  Deck level. Blue running and Clear worklights.

Support Areas:

Crossover: US of breeze curtain.  1’-6”.  It’s tight due to the vertical i-beams.

Access to stage: 2) ramps from front of house far L and R aisles.   SR from dressing rooms, green room, etc.. USR from Scene Shop.

Scene Shop: West side of building, US of stage.  Roll-up doors to exterior and stage.  Dock is ground level.  An electric forklift is available for load-in/outs.

Paint Room: Paint room with water and exhaust fan is located on North side of scene shop.

FOH Booths:  Each theatre has a control booth located on the 2nd level.  Accessible using wheelchair lift.  

NotesThere is no elevated dock.  There is an electric fork lift to aid in un/loading.  There is also a Genie AWP-25 that is available.  


Power: 400A Company Switch located USL

Dimmers: 4) Four Strand C21 racks located in Dimmer Rack Room adjacent to FOH Booth.


  • Stark - 3) x 96 2.4kw dimmers.
  • Black Box 1) x 96 2.4kw dimmers.  

Stark Architectural and Houselights: Strand A21 Dimmer Rack.  Utility power and network taps are at every lighting position in both theatres.


Control Desks:

Cruce Stark FOH Booth -Strand Light Palette VL OS v. 10-5 with VisionNet Networking in Cruce Stark purchased 5/2010.     2) Two Universes.  

Conventionals on Universe 1 and Networked Intelligents on Universe 2.   

Tech Table position has network line for desk in house.

Black Box Booth -  ETC ION 512 w/ 1) 2x20 Sub Wing - purchased 5/08 1) Universe.


  • Stark Dimmable Fluorescent with Mark 7 ballasts.  Can be controlled through Palette or from booth, rear of House or SR with VisonNet panels.  Warning - Curve drops out to black at appx. 15%.  
  • Black Box - NO permanent houselights.  We generally use S4 PARs.  Full florescent work lights.


Stark - 3)x96 2.4kw dimmers.  
Black Box
 1)x96 2.4kw dimmers.
Utility power and network taps are at every lighting position in both rooms.

Circuit Chart: Available upon request

Front of House Transfer: None.  Company Switch 400A located USL.

Front of House Positions

  • AP - located just downstage of proscenium. 24’h.  Can be used for backlight for apron or frontlight for upstage
  • Torms R and L house walls
  • FOH 1 - 31’ and 42 deg. angle to 5’-6” person standing CS at plasterline
  • FOH 2 - 29’ and 35 deg. angle to 5’-6” person on DS edge of stage at centerline;  56’ and 25 deg. angle to 5’-6” person standing CS at plasterline


Lighting Equipment Inventory:  shared between both theatres

--Intelligent Lighting Instrumentation

3          Elation Platinum 15 R HMI moving heads -  purchased 05/11

10        Elation PowerSpot 575 HMI moving heads – purchased 8/05

20        Elation ELED Tri 64B LED PAR - purchased 8/08

10        Elation DesignPar 575H Halogen moving head - purchased 8/08

30        Elation Design LED 36 TriBrick Striplight - (used as Cyc lights) - purchased 5/10

15        Prism ReVeal CW 36 degree LED wash fixtures - purchased 5/10

--New Conventional Lighting Instrumentation-all long life lamps

7          Leviton LEO 15 degree ERS - purchased 5/10

24        ETC Source 4 19 degree 575w HPL - purchased 5/10

20        ETC Source 4 26 degree 575w HPL – purchased 5/10

58        ETC Source 4 36 degree 575w HPL – purchased 5/10

41        ETC Source 4 50 degree 575w HPL – purchased 5/10

--Used Conventional Lighting Instrumentation-all long life lamps

  8        ETC Source 4 19 degree 575w HPL purchased 8/97

16        ETC Source 4 26 degree 575w HPL – purchased 8/97

  8        ETC Source 4 36 degree 575w HPL – purchased 8/97

12        ETC Source 4 Par 575w HPL – purchased 8/97

10        extra 36 degree lens tubes – purchased 8/97

12        6" Fresnel 500w BTL (various models) – really old

20        Par 64 Can  1kw WFL – really old

10        Par 64 Can  500w WFL – really old

Followspot(s): None.   4) Source 4 Drop in Iris Units

Hardware: Ample color frames for all instruments.  20) Sandwich type template holders for S4s.

Cable: 20A 2P&G;  24) 5’;  20) 10’;  12) 25’;   8) Molded 2-fer

Film, Video, And Projection Equipment

2)  Video Monitors located in Stark Booth.  1) in Black Box Booth.

4)  42” Flatscreen Video Monitors in lobby.

2)  Cameras.  

1)  Sony Video Switcher in Stark Booth.

1)  Presentation Projector and Screen in each theatre.

1)  iMac in Stark Booth.  Audio and Video to projector.


Notes: No Cue Light system.  No permanent running lights.  LED clip lights.

Video monitor for each theatre located in lobby and booth.


Power:  Company Switch USL.  Ample clean 20amp circuits located throughout building.  (Orange receptacles) 

Wiring: Audio Rack Room located on 2nd level between booths.  Patch bay in Stark FOH booth.

Control Locations

  • Stark - FOH booth location 2nd level; house mix position could be set up in back row of house with a digital snake.  All windows slide open.
  • Black Box - Booth on 2nd level.Windows slide open.

Hearing Assist System: 36) Listen 72mhz.  Model LR-300-072

Monitor/Paging System: Biscuit boxes and speakers in all support areas.  3) BiAmp Paging Stations to all areas.

Production Communications: 18) Production Intercom headsets and belt pack.  4 channels, stations in house and all support areas.  4) Klaxon BPs.  4 Wireless Headsets and belt packs. 4) PTT phone handsets.

Cruce Stark Audio Inventory:


Mixing Consoles: Yamaha MCL-48 digital mixer in FOH booth.  Windows in booth can open.
Fixed Speakers
: Speaker Cluster FOH at  AP position.
: 2) CD Players and 1) CD Recorder.  (Marantz)
Portable Speakers: 
4) monitor speakers

Amplifiers: QSC in 2nd floor Rack Room;  2) AT U853A choir mics hanging for stage monitor system


Black Box Audio

24 Channel Allen and Heath GL2400 mixer; Road Ready Rack w/ wheels; 2) CD decks; 2) QSC HPR152i 15”  powered speakers; 2) QSC HPR151i 15” powered subwoofer w/ internal crossover; 2) AT U853A choir mics hanging for stage monitor system

Shared Loose Items

Microphones:  ○4) SM-58; ○4) SM-57; ○4) SM-81; ○19) ATW-T310 Audio Technica wireless mics w/ headworn and lapel mics; ○3) Sennheiser wireless lapel mic

Cable:  Ample stock of 3-pin XLR cable, adapters, patch cables, direct boxes.
Mic Stands: 
Ample stock


4) Four Dressing Rooms:

A-D  Each has a sink and ample costume hanging space.

  • A - 11 Makeup mirrors.  14’x21’ 
  • B - 4 Makeup mirrors.  8’x14'
  • C - 4 Makeup mirrors.  10’x14’
  • D - 8 Makeup mirrors. 9’x19'

2) two handicap accessible restrooms with sink and shower in each.  A and B share one restroom and C and D share the other.

Dressing and makeup facilities are located on stage level stage with direct

access to stage right of Stark and down the hall from the Black Box.


Costume Shop: Adjacent to Dressing rooms.

Sewing Machines - 6) six Singer.
. 2) two Singer.
Industrial Sewing Machine
 1) old Singer.

Irons: 2 industrial steam
Ironing boards
: 2

Steamers: 1 portable
: 1 set.  Kenmore high capacity residential.
Racks and hangers
: 4 - 5’ rolling Z-Racks.  Each dressing room has ample hanging capacity.
Quick Change Booths
: As requested

Notes: Please specify wardrobe needs as areas are also used as classrooms.


Music: (no orchestra pit)

Stands : Available from Music Department with prior arrangement.
Stand lights 
: None.

Conductor Podium : None.

Orchestra Shell: None available
Choir Risers:
  Wenger portable

Platforms:  Staging Concepts SC90 flexible seating system for Black Box.  Platforms, stairs and rails.  Inventory available on request.

Dance Floor: 6) Rolls Rosco Adagio light dance floor.  40’-0” each. 

Podium: 1) Castered lectern; 2) Media Carts with PC and whip for laptop inclusion.  Wireless transmit to projectors.

Chairs: 150 Wenger Premier Portable Audience Chairs (black) for Black Box.  Can also be used in Cruce Stark. 

Notes: University prop room resources available on a limited basis.