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Grayson College Main Campus

Map of Main Campus


                                   Main Campus

                                   South Campus                               google-maps.png

                                   West Extension


The Main Campus is located at 6101 Grayson Drive, Hwy 691, Denison, TX 75020.

Some of the most commonly sought buildings are the:

  • Culinary Arts Center for the popular Six Ninety One student-run Restaurant. This is #22 on the above map.

  • Cosmetology Salon for hair, nail and spa patrons that help our students gain practice. This is #15a on the above map.

  • Center for Workplace Learning (CWL and CWL Auditorium) for events and classes. This is #10 and #10a on the above map.

  • Small Business Development Center for personalized assistance in setting up small businesses. This is #12 on the above map, and has one marked designated parking space nearby.

  • Adult Basic Education - GED classes are held in the Advanced Technology Building. This is #9 on the above map.

  • Cruce Stark Auditorium, Art Gallery, and Black Box Theatre are located in the Arts & Communication Center. This is #8 on the above map.

  • Foundation House is to the east of the water tower, #21 on the above map.