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The Veteran's Hub

The Veterans’ Hub

Grayson College student veterans are highly honored and respected on campus. In fact, the college has dedicated special space where student veterans can come to relax while on campus. This place is “The Veterans’ Hub”. As a student veteran, The Hub is your place on campus. It is a respite where only veterans, family members, dependents and military personnel can come to study (free WI-FI), enjoy a cup of complimentary coffee, watch television, utilize the computers and printer as well as network with other veterans. Many student veterans bring their lunch into The Hub to enjoy while visiting or watching TV. Enjoying a movie is also available as almost 200 movies are currently available exclusively for use by veterans in The Hub. Completing homework or studying is atypical use of The Hub as well. The Hub is the veterans’ “Day Room” on campus. Periodically, throughout the semester special programs and activities designed to meet the needs of veteran students are held in The Hub. The Student Veteran Association (SVA) also meets here twice monthly for regularly scheduled club meetings. Participation in the SVA is optional, but highly encouraged. In The Hub, veterans can find local job listings, resource materials, service providers’ information and military contacts as well as veteran benefits information regarding education, housing and many other benefits. This special place for our student veterans is conveniently located on the 2 nd Floor of the Student Life Center on the Bridge next to the Veteran Services Office (VSO) and Total Nutrition.

Remember at Grayson College, we “Honor Veterans and Empower Warriors”.