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Clubs and Organizations

Become Involved, Become Successful

Student Organizations and Clubs are a great way for students to develop social, educational, and leadership skills. Involvement in recognized student organizations at Grayson College allow students the opportunity to network, represent the college, and become engaged in service activities both on-campus and in the community.

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The purpose of some organizations and clubs varies from honor societies to political, religious, service, and social groups. Currently enrolled students may also form student organizations and clubs by following the procedures outlined in the Student Organizations and Clubs Policies and Procedures Manual. A copy of this manual may be obtained from the Director of Student Life. New or reforming organizations and clubs may not meet or hold an event until recognition from the Director of Student Life is complete. All Recognized Organizations and Clubs must re-register in the fall semester of each academic year (September).

Interested in starting an organization or club on campus?

Contact Student Life at 903 463-8693 or the faculty/staff adviser for detailed information on how you can get involved! All organizations and clubs are actively recruiting new members.


  • Second Floor Gallery with artwork hanging on walls
    Art Club


    • Kristin Erickson
      ericksonk [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • Cosmotology student practicing on practice model
    Shears (Cosmetology Club)

    The purpose of the club is to build relationships between students and provide educational opportunities for GC students in the Cosmetology program, to attend various hair shows and to provide specialty to professionals in Cosmetology.


    • Charlotte McLain
      mclainc [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • Grayson College Culinary Arts Kitchen
    Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management (TIPSS)

    The purpose of the TIPSS club is to acknowledge, educate, and promote the development of Culinary Arts. Hospitality Management, Viticulture and Enology programs at Grayson College. We will develop community awareness of the above programs as well as participate in food shows, local charity events and fundraising for both students and community.


    • Joanna Bryant
      bryantj [at] grayson [dot] edu

    • Rusty Weatherly
      weatherly [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • Phi Theta Kappa Logo
    Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society (PTK)


    • Mary Linde
      linderm [at] grayson [dot] edu

    • Dr. Molly Harris
      harrism [at] grayson [dot] edu

    • Shantee Siebuhr
      siebuhrs [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • grayson college logo
    Psychology Club

    The Psychology Club exists to provide an entertaining and inspirational atmosphere in which all student can further their knowledge and interest in psychology. The club members attend scheduled events, participate in stimulating discussions and presentation, and promote psychology as a social science.


    • Rachel Sumrall
      sumrallr [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • Sigma Kappa Delta Logo - Knowlege - Design - Sincerity
    Sigma Kappa Delta English Honor Society (SKD)


    • Dr. Richard Davis
      davisre [at] grayson [dot] edu

    • Aiden Holtan
      holtana [at] grayson [dot] edu

    • Dr. Marlea Trevino
      trevinom [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • grayson college logo
    Sisters of Destiny

    Sisters of Destiny is a group of sisters who elevate one another. We value each other and provide emotional support with confidentiality. Members embrace a growth mindset while positively affecting our spheres of influence. We encourage one another in our academic careers and form lasting relationships.


    • Jeffri Hodge
      hidgej [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • grayson college logo
    Student Ambassadors (GSA)

    The Grayson College Student Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for students representing various disciplines at our college to develop leadership and public relations skills while providing a service to GC.


    • Brandi Furr
      furrb [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • grayson college logo
    Student Government Association (SGA)

    The Student Governemnt Association serves as a voice of the student body of Grayson College. SGA members help to make decisions about campus, share the needs and concerns of fellow students with campus and college leadership, and learn how navigate new leadership roles.


    • Shantee Siebuhr
      siebuhrs [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • Trio Student Support Services Logo
    TRIO Student Support Services Leadership Council

    The purpose of the TRIO SSS Leadership Club is to promote and refer eligible students to the TRIO SSS program at Grayson College. Students who are part of TRIO SSS at Grayson College and participate in Leadership Club activities have opportunities to attend annual leadership conferences, volunteer at community service events, and become peer mentors within the TRIO SSS program.


    • Kinzie Randolph
      randolphk [at] grayson [dot] edu

  • grayson college logo
    Veteran Student Association

    The purpose of this organization is to act as a catalyst for student veteran success by providing resources, network support and advocacy to, through, and beyond higher education.


    • Justin Parker
      parkerj [at] grayson [dot] edu