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Clubs and Organizations

Become Involved, Become Successful

Student Organizations and Clubs are a great way for students to develop social, educational, and leadership skills. Involvement in recognized student organizations at Grayson College allow students the opportunity to network, represent the college, and become engaged in service activities both on-campus and in the community.

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The purpose of some organizations and clubs varies from honor societies to political, religious, service, and social groups. Currently enrolled students may also form student organizations and clubs by following the procedures outlined in the Student Organizations and Clubs Policies and Procedures Manual. A copy of this manual may be obtained from the Director of Student Life. New or reforming organizations and clubs may not meet or hold an event until recognition from the Director of Student Life is complete. All Recognized Organizations and Clubs must re-register in the fall semester of each academic year (September).

Interested in starting an organization or club on campus?

Contact Student Life at 903 463-8693 or the faculty/staff adviser for detailed information on how you can get involved! All organizations and clubs are actively recruiting new members.


Club Advisor Phone Email

Baptist Student Ministry  Austin Lambert


Exist to provide a fellowship for students interested in developing and strengthening their religious life.  Participation is open to all faiths.

Black Print Tasheena Taylor  903-463-8731

Black Print's purpose is to bring individuals together and to help improve the lives of African Americans and give them opportunities to let their voices be heard. 
Care Center BSM Austin Lambert


The Care Center provides emergency financial assistance to students

Clay Club Kristin Erickson 903-463-8662


The purpose of this club is to educate and develop community awareness of the Grayson College Ceramic program; to develop a student ceramic art gallery show and to participate in local charity fundraising.

Cosmetology Charlotte McLain 903-415-2588


The purpose of the club is to build relationships between students and provide educational opportunities for GC students in the Cosmetology program, to attend various hair shows and to provide specialty to professionals in Cosmetology.

Criminal Justice Club (LAE) Dwayne Barber 903-463-8703


The purpose of this organization is to encourage and foster organized education, training and competition in Criminal Justice, including the shooting sports at Grayson College

Cultural Diversity Club Brad McClenny 903-463-8749


The purpose of the organization is to bring cultural diversity to all students, faculty, staff and the GC community.

Dental Assistants Club Tonya Hance 903-463-8780


The Dental Assisting Student Association is an organization focused on the enhancement of student's knowledge in the field of Dental Assisting. The goal is to promote participation and leadership in the profession of dentistry and in the American Dental Assistants Association. Membership is limited to full-time students enrolled in the Dental Assisting Certificate Program.

Eta Sigma Delta (Culinary Arts & Hospitality  Rusty Weatherly 903-4633-2583
Management Honors Society)      


ESD is an honor society for the Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Department. The purpose of ESD is to recognize the scholastic and professional achievement of students in the academic majors of hospitality Management, Restaurant management, and Culinary Arts.  ESD stands for excellence, leadership, creativity, service, and ethics.

Grayson College Gay/Straight Alliance Mary Linder 903-463-8616
  Matt Hamilton 903-415-2621


The purpose of the Gay Straight Alliance shall be to promote a safe-space environment on campus for students of all gender and sexual identities to be and express themselves freely, and promote that students support each other. This organization shall also strive to educate the Grayson County Community about homophobia, transphobia. Heterophobia and gender identity discrimination. 

Grayson College Music Club Andrew Wright 903-415-2637
  David Tercero 903-463-8728  


The purpose of the Grayson College Music Club is to promote the Music Department by spreading music throughout the community. To provide a forum for like-minded students to organize events, fundraising opportunities and attend musical performances.

Grayson Honors College Chad Tomaselli 903-463-8607


The central and foundational mission of Grayson Honor College is to better serve the educational needs of academically talented and highly motivated students at the College. The program encourages the program encourages the participation of the broadest possible range of gifted students.

Grayson Nursing Students Association Lorinda Wall 903-463-8672
  Vonda Skjolsvik 903-415-2609


The association is the local organization with affiliation in the Texas and National Student Nurses Associations. Its purpose is to provide the basic background needed for participation and leadership in the professional association. Membership is limited to students enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing Program.

HALO (Hispanic American Leadership Organization) Mark Taylor 903-463-8724


The purpose of this organization is to allow immigrant students in Grayson County, especially those with undocumented status, to have an organization that they know will have their best interest at all times, to help enrich member’s leadership skills and encourage them to utilize these skills by their leaderships opportunities throughout Grayson College and the world and to serve as a bridge between the local area high schools and Grayson College.

Medical Lab Tech Aimee Flynn 903-463-8684


The purpose of this organization is to promote a better understanding of the field of Medical Laboratory Technology.

Men of Distinction Mark Taylor 903-463-8724


Men of Distinction is designed to recruit and retain all Grayson College gentlemen with the intent on helping them achieve their educational goals and challenge their potential to inspire to do great things in the community and the world.

Paramedic Student Association (PSA) Curtis Groseclose 903-463-8675


The purpose of the organization is to promote interest in the field of Emergency Medical Services, to provide fellowship among students and faculty, to represent student needs and wants in regard to EMS education and to provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to benefit the college community.

Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society (PTK) Mary Linder 903-463-8616


Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of two-year colleges. Offering opportunities for scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service, the Society also promotes the exchange of ideas and personal enrichment through fellowship with other scholars. Eligibility requirements in the Omicron Psi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa include current enrollment and a minimum GPA of 3.5 After at least 12 hours of college credit earned at Grayson

Psychology Club Rachael Sumrall 903-463-8630


The Psychology Club exists to provide an entertaining and inspirational atmosphere in which all student can further their knowledge and interest in psychology. The club members attend scheduled events, participate in stimulating discussions and presentation, and promote psychology as a social science.

Radiology Tech Club Robbie Jackson 903-463-8676  


The purpose is to educate and develop a student’s knowledge of the radiologic science profession, to develop a community awareness of Gray College’s Radiology program, to provide community service opportunities, to promote leadership skills, to increase camaraderie and generosity towards others

Sigma Kappa Delta English Honor Society (SKD) Richard Davis 903-415-2502
  Marlea Trevino 903-415-2585


National English Honor Society for students in two-year colleges. Students who join Tau Alpha’s community of readers and writers inherit a strong tradition. Aristotle, a scientist during the Ancient Greek era, studied literature to gain wisdom. John Milton, a seventeenth-century Cambridge graduate, studied science to impart wisdom through poetry. Among GC’s Tau Alphans stand majors in academic studies, applied science, education, and fine arts along with those who plan to earn a bachelor’s degree in English. What have they in common? They join Aristotle and Milton in their love of literature. In addition, they seek leadership opportunities, enjoy Tau Alpha’s festive events with fellow students and English instructors, receive lifelong recognition for academic excellence, and qualify to apply for SKD scholarships and to attend regional and national conferences. To join, candidates must earn a 3.0 grade point average in 12 or more hours of college with a B or better in at least one college English Course.

Sisters of Destiny Jeffrey Hodge 903-462-8751


The purpose of this club is to develop a group of sisters that uplift and encourage one another. We will strive to promote a sense of emotional support with confidentially.  The focus is to build healthy heart, mind and bod. We will form lasting relationships with other women and learn to work tighter in a good study environment. This is a support group for women.

Student Ambassadors (GSA) Brandi Furr


The Grayson College Student Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for students representing various disciplines at our college to develop leadership and public relations skills while providing a service to GC.

Student Government Association (SGA) OL Kelly 903-463-8693


The Grayson College Student Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for students representing various disciplines at our college to develop leadership and public relations skills while providing a service to GC.

Student Support Servicers Leadership  Corwin Ransom 903-415-2570


The mission of the Grayson College SSSLC to promote interest and awareness of Student Support Services within the Grayson College community and the County of Grayson, through the use of lectures, outings and other events

Tipps (Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management) Joanna Bryant 903-463-8654


The purpose of the TIPSS club is to acknowledge, educate, and promote the development of Culinary Arts. Hospitality Management, Viticulture and Enology programs at Grayson College. We will develop community awareness of the above programs as well as participate in food shows, local charity events and fundraising for both students and community.

Veteran Student Association Craig Greenwood 903-415-2614


The purpose of this organization is to provide a supportive, inspirational and informational atmosphere in which veteran students can gather to: further their skills in attaining academic success, gain knowledge of benefits and services available as veterans and students, and to form relationships with others with shared experiences.

Vocational Nursing Students Association Mika Pierce 903-415-2527


The Vocational Nursing Students’ Association seeks to help further knowledge in the field of vocational nursing. This club participates in many campus activities and programs. Membership in this organization is limited to vocational nursing majors.