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New Student Advising

New Student Planner

Registration just got easier with the new student planner!


The mission of the Academic Advising Center is empowering students for academic and personal success. 

Academic and Career Advising

Academic and Career services are designed to assist students in achieving academic and personal success through informed decision making and academic planning. We are dedicated to assisting students in obtaining their educational objectives while attending Grayson College. 

Selecting a Major

Your Success Coach will assist you in developing a personal educational plan that integrates your academic, career, and personal goals. You will learn the curriculum requirements for your major and the process for enrolling in your Student Planner.

If you are planning to transfer and have decided on your major and transfer institution, advisors can help you understand the transfer requirements. They can also provide you with general information about the college, policies and procedures, and your student rights and responsibilities.

Advisors/Success Coaches Help You:

  • Obtain information about Pathways available at Grayson  
  • Select classes for associate's degree and certificate programs.
  • Understand graduation requirements.
  • By providing a transfer guide that will identify appropriate Grayson coursework to be completed prior to transferring to a four-year university.
  • Understand college policies and procedures - student rights and responsibilities
  • Seek the appropriate college resources

While the ultimate responsibility for decision-making rests with the student, success coaches are a valuable support for students' effective educational and career planning.

Advising Student Learning Outcomes

Advising is a learning process. Students who utilize or interact with the programs and services offered by the Advising Office will be able to:

  • Use the MyViking Student Planner to schedule advising appointments with their designated Success Coach or contact their Faculty Mentor.

  • Utilize career assessments to examine their personal interests, values, strengths, and skills and determine the job outlook and pay scale of careers related to specific major and program selection.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of program requirements and the ability to select courses each semester to progress towards fulfillment of their educational plans by utilizing their student planner.

  • Identify campus resources and services that can be used to assist them in achieving their academic, personal, and career goals.

Please download our Academic Advising Syllabus for further information about resources available to you: Advising Syllabus 


Please follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment with your Success Coach. Following these steps will help you to easily make an appointment that best fits your schedule.

  1. Log into MyViking
  2. Select “Student Planner”
  3. Select “My Plan” in the Home drop down menu
  4. Click on your Success Coach’s name on the right side of the page and then click “schedule appointment”

Note: You must be an admitted student before success coaches can assist you with course registration. If you are not sure of your admission status, please contact prior to scheduling an appointment.


All First Time in College (FTIC) students are required to complete online Orientation prior to registering for classes. Login to MyViking and select Grayson Orientation to get started.

Main Campus Hours

Academic and Career Advising Services 6101 Grayson Drive - Denison, TX 75020 903.463.8695

Located in the Student Affairs Building.

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Summer Hours: June - July 3
Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m - 6:00 p.m.
Friday - Closed  

Success Coaches 

You can schedule an appointment with the Success Coach for your pathway in your Student Planner.

Keilah Marcom


Success Coach for the Public Service Pathway

Lewanda Diaz


Assistant Director of Success Coaches. Success Coach for the Business and Entrepreneurship Pathway 

Brandy Wooden

Success Coach for the Industrial Technologies Pathway



Kathryn Mathes


Success Coach for the Arts and Humanities Pathway

Jayce Randolph


Success Coach for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Pathway

Lisa Lippe




Success Coach for the Health Science Pathway:
ental Assisting
Athletic Training


Cathleen Rangel


Success Coach for the Health Science Pathway:
Nursing University Transfer (Last name A-L)
RN (A-L)

Alex Caston

Success Coach for the Health Science Pathway:
Nursing University Transfer (Last name M-Z)
RN (M-Z)

Nancy Luthe


Director of Success Coaches


Grayson College Advising Policy

Grayson College strongly encourages all students, regardless of academic skill level, to seek individual academic advising prior to each registration.

The following students are required to receive academic advising:

  • Students who are entering GC for the first time.
  • Students who have not met skills assessment requirements.
  • Students who are enrolled in developmental courses.
  • Students who are on academic probation and/or who are returning from academic and/or financial aid probation.
  • Students who desire to change an academic major, certificate program, or transfer institution.
  • Students who are military veterans eligible for veterans’ benefits.