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HESI Admissions Exam


Grayson College Associate Degree Nursing, Vocational
Nursing, and Radiologic Technology Programs

Due to the COVID-19 Crisis, the Testing Center at both campuses remain closed until at least June 1st. We will soon be adding future HESI A2 test dates to our RegisterBlast test appointment application that will allow for appropriate social distancing. Please check this schedule after June 1st.

Grayson College Testing Centers (Main Campus in Denison and South Campus in Van Alstyne) administer the HESI Admissions Exam for applicants to GC Associate Degree Nursing (ADN), GC Vocational Nursing (LVN), and GC Radiologic Technology programs.

REGISTRATION for Main Campus Testing Location: Pre-registration is required at our Main Campus location in Denison. Please see the instructions and schedule below. 

REGISTRATION for South Campus Testing Location: Pre-registration is required at our South Campus location in Van Alstyne. Please see the instructions and schedule below.


Make sure that the HESI Admissions Exam is the correct test for the Health Science Program to which you will apply.  It is your responsibility to sign up for the correct test and to know the admission deadline.


Test fee is $48.50 ($45 test fee + $3.50 Register Blast fee). Have VISA/MasterCard ready.  You may purchase a VISA Prepaid Card, if needed. 


To register, go to and select HESI Admissions Exam.


Register by clicking on “Click here to register online now.”


You will receive an email message from Register Blast showing your test date, time and location.  Print it, and keep it for the test day.


If you have not done so already, you will need to create an account on the Evolve Website prior to taking the test. Go to and click the "My Evolve" link at the top of the page. Then click the "Create Account" link on the drop-down menu that appears. Follow the prompts and check your confirmation email message with your account name. You will need your account name and password for your test day. You can also do this at the Testing Center; just make sure you can also access your email conveniently. 

On test day, bring the following items:

  1. Your Evolve account name and password
  2. Confirmation of payment showing test date, time and location (emailed receipt from Register Blast)
  3. Photo identification (driver’s license, DPS ID card, passport, military ID card)



TIME ALLOWED  There is a maximum of six hours allowed for testing.  Most examinees will finish within 3-4 hours.  Short restroom breaks are allowed (no food or smoking breaks).

NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES  Cell phones, pagers, watch alarms, cameras, and other electronic devices are not allowed in the testing room.

CALCULATOR USE  You may use the on-screen calculator.  Do not bring your own calculator

STUDYING FOR THE TEST  Purchase the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review at the GC bookstore or online at  Click on the Store tab.  Click on Health Sciences.  In the search box, type Admission Assessment Exam Review; click SEARCH.  Select Admission Assessment Exam Review (paperback or e-Book). Some students have also found this site to be useful:


Components of the Exam  

Applicants to GC‘s Associate Degree Nursing Program, to GC’s Vocational Nursing Program, and to GC's Radiology Program will take the anatomy and physiology, math, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, learning style, and personal style sections. The Learning Style and Personal Style sections are not included in the cumulative score but are used for advising purposes.

 (If you are applying to other institutions also, know which sections you need to take).

Math:  Test items related to math concepts required when calculating drugs and solutions problems.  Sub-scoring of the following categories is provided (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, household measures, general math facts such as Roman numerals, military time, etc.)

Reading Comprehension:  Reading scenarios related to health care topics

Grammar:  Use of English words related to sentence structure

Vocabulary:  Word comprehension – terminology of everyday English associated with health related issues

Anatomy and Physiology

Learning Styles:  Identifies individual learning style and prints test-taking and study tips best suited for the individual’s learning style and relates these recommendations to nursing curricula

Personal Style:  Uses concepts related to introversion and extroversion to classify the student’s personality style.  Explanations are printed at the conclusion of the exam to let the student know how to use his/her personality style to be successful in a nursing education program.


Passing Scores

  • GC Associate Degree Nursing - A cumulative score of 75% is needed for consideration for admission. 89.5–100 = 3 points, 79.5–89.4 = 2 points, 74.5–79.4 =1 point

  • GC Vocational Nursing - A cumulative score of 75% is needed for consideration for admission
  • GC Radiologic Technology - A score of 75% or higher in each section must be obtained.


RETESTS  GC Health Sciences Department only allows two HESI testing attempts in a 12-month period. If you are taking this test for a different institution, please note that we only provide Version 1 of the A2 exam. You will want to confirm that this is appropriate for your institution.


Students with disabilities may request special accommodations for testing.  They must submit appropriate documentation to the GC Testing Center at least two weeks prior to the desired test date.  Documentation will be reviewed by the Coordinator of Special Services, and the student will be notified of the result.

Questions about Test Registration  

After carefully reviewing this information sheet, if you have questions about testing, please email  


Test Schedule

Appointment to take the HESI Exam must be made using RegisterBlast (see the link on step 5 above). Typically, the exam is offered on Monday and Thursday mornings at the Main Campus Testing Center and on Wednesday mornings at the South Campus Learning Assistance Center.


When registering on Register Blast, be careful to choose the correct date/location – no refunds, no rescheduling.

We wish you success on your test!