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Register for Classes

Most continuing students who have completed the admissions process, College 101, and advising will be eligible for online registration. 

To be successful in your online enrollment:

  • Online registration is available from any Internet-accessible computer using Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3.0 or higher.
  • All monetary holds such as parking tickets, etc. or admissions holds must be cleared before scheduling classes.
  • You may register as soon as early registration is open for the semester. Refer to the calendar for specific start and end dates of online registration.
  • Special cases (such as Dual Credit students, students in developmental courses, and others) will still have to be handled by the Admissions Office/Counseling Services.
  • You must pay online or in the Business Office before you are officially registered.

Steps for Online Registration and Adding/Dropping Courses

  • Log into MyViking
  • Select Add/Drop Courses and read carefully the online registration statement.
  • Select the term for which you are enrolling
    • Winter minimester courses are considered additions to your Fall schedule
    • Spring minimester courses are considered to be additions to your Spring schedule
  • Choose the department for which you would like an available course listing. Click “List Courses” and select desired course(s). Repeat this step until all of the desired course selections are made.
    • When changing a schedule, be sure to ADD a course before DROPPING a course.
  • When enrolling in a course with a corresponding/required lab, enroll in the lab course first, then add the course.
  • If currently enrolled in a pre-requisite class, you may need to register on-site rather than online. The system will not recognize the pre-requisite course until the semester is complete.
  • Dropping a course after the designated Schedule Change period must be completed through the students services office.
  • To check your final schedule selections, click ‘Class Schedule’ in My Viking student links. 

Review Your Bill

  • Select Pay/Review Account
  • Select the term for which you are registering and ‘submit’